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Mull Historical Society: Loss

Review and Interview by Nick Hasted, Uncut, December 2001

COLIN MACINTYRE on his messages from the edge of the world. ...

Mull Historical Society: The Scala, London

Live Review by Nick Hasted, Uncut, May 2002

THERE ARE blow-up sheep hanging from the ceiling, choirboys waiting in the wings and a brass section on stage, all auxiliary members of the rebel ...

Mull Historical Society: Loss

Review by Devon Powers, PopMatters, 23 July 2002

CALL ME SHALLOW, but the cover art of Loss almost kept me from buying the thing. Nevermind the obsequious musings from the British press prominently ...

Mull Historical Society: Us

Review by Nick Hasted, Uncut, April 2003

Darkly uplifting second album from Scottish pop visionary ...

Mull Historical Society: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

Live Review by Adam Sweeting, The Guardian, 7 April 2003

ALTHOUGH COLIN MACINTYRE claims that there are no record shops on the isle of Mull, that doesn't appear to have prevented him from squeezing a ...

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