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The Mock Turtles: Turtle Soup

Review by David Cavanagh, Select, July 1990

MAKING A MOCKERY OF MANCHESTER WHEN THE MOCK TURTLES first peeked out of Manchester, with 1988's totally ignored Pomona EP, they were probably too busy rehearsing ...

The Mock Turtles: Two Sides

Review by Keith Cameron, Vox, September 1991

AS THE MUSICAL coffers of the '60s increasingly come to resemble a stretch of what used to be the South American rain forests, a band ...

The Mock Turtles: Two Sides

Review by Robert Sandall, Q, September 1991

AS PROVIDERS OF the best rock single of the year, the entrancingly tuneful, head-to-toe tapper 'Can You Dig It?', the Mock Turtles find themselves now ...

The Mock Turtles

Interview by Robert Sandall, Q, September 1991

THE FACT THAT HE is considerably more famous now than at any point in his previous 30 years has come as no particular surprise to ...

The Mock Turtles: Heroes On A Hard Sell

Interview by Stephen Dalton, Vox, August 1991

MUTANT NINJA? NO WAY, DUDE. These turtles dig artistic respect more than pizza. And though main-man Coogan was once a computer boffin. there's no scope ...


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