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Misty In Roots (1983)

Interview by Simon Witter, Rock's Backpages audio, 9 March 1983

Walford 'Puck' Tyson and pickney dem reason with Simon Witter about Africa, Rasta, Soundsystem culture and a whole lot more.

File format: mp3; file size: 50.9mb, interview length: 55' 25" sound quality: ****

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When British Reggae Was King

Retrospective and Interview by David Burke, Classic Pop, June 2019

Reggae may have been born in Jamaica, but it grew up in '80s Britain at a time of evolving multiculturalism, finding an unlikely ally in ...

Misty: One more victim of the Southall riot

Report and Interview by Ian Penman, New Musical Express, 5 May 1979

  "The scale of the violence in Southall, where 340 were arrested and more than 40 people were injured, has ensured that whichever party wins the ...

Misty in Roots: Must It Be Total Destruction

Interview by Penny Reel, New Musical Express, 9 May 1981

...brimstone, fire, death in a Sodom and Gomorrah?... Reasoning with Misty In Roots By Penny Reel ...

Misty In Roots: Live At The Counter-Eurovision ‘79

Review by Vivien Goldman, New Musical Express, 26 July 1980

IT SEEMS POINTLESS to divorce Misty's music from their well-known context as Southall youth organisers whose People Unite self-help organisation was badly damaged by the ...

The Price Of Hate

Report by Vivien Goldman, Melody Maker, 5 May 1979

Among the casualties of last week's confrontation between the police and anti-racist demonstrators in Southall was the Peoples Unite Centre, a haven for local musicians, ...

Misty: Survival in Jah glory

Report and Interview by Vivien Goldman, Melody Maker, 5 January 1980

Survival's the operative-word in Misty's case. Harassed for their prominent role in the Southall immigrant community, in and out of the magistrates' courts, you'd think ...


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