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Mica Levi: An interview

Interview by Mike Diver, Clash, 28 May 2009

In a sea of monochrome indie acts, Micachu and the Shapes drift by like a neon-coloured piece of driftwood. ...

Loving the Alien: Mica Levi

Interview by Frances Morgan, The Wire, February 2015

As a member of Micachu And The Shapes, Mica Levi was an archetypal underground pop star — then she wrote the soundtrack to Under The ...

Mica Levi: Bold Tendencies, London

Live Review by Ben Thompson, The Guardian, 2 August 2015

IF ARTISTS ARE, as Grayson Perry has astutely noted, "the shock troops of gentrification", then musicians aren't too far behind them. Roosting on the art-installation-bedecked ...

Mica Levi: The exceptional composer who obliterates boundaries with brilliance

Interview by Laura Barton, The Gentlewoman, Fall 2015

Mica Levi is a rebel with a cause: to smash up the divisions between musical genres, from three-note punk to the finest classical score. This ...


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