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Menswear: The New Squad Of New Mod

Interview by Caitlin Moran, Melody Maker, 19 November 1994

IT HAS BEEN DECIDED, already, that Menswear are going to be famous. All the stars (well, Shampoo and Pulp) turned up for their debut gig ...

Menswear: Mod-U-Like

Interview by Caitlin Moran, Melody Maker, 4 February 1995

"THE THING IS, we won't let anyone down." ...

Menswear: This Year's Model

Interview by Max Bell, Vox, April 1995

When record companies went window-shopping last year, they all wanted to buy Menswear. Without even releasing a single, the band's reputation stands more upon the ...

Marion, Menswear: Passage Du Nord Ouest, Paris

Live Review by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, 13 May 1995


A simply divine madness

Memoir by Caitlin Moran, The Times, 2 June 1995

How an obnoxious teenager, revelling in the obscurity of her pop passions, met Bros in the supermarket aisle to Damascus ...

Glastonbury: "Like Croatia with a bit of music"

Report by Sylvia Patterson, New Musical Express, 1 July 1995

So, apart from ace music, what was it actually like "out there" on the fringes of Glasto's thrilling fields? SYLVIA PATTERSON ventured far to bring ...

Menswear: Nuisance (Laurel 828 676-2 12 tks/50 mins/FP)

Review by Paul Mathur, Melody Maker, 7 October 1995

YOU SWE@R IT WELL Skinny f***ers. Scenesters. Suits. Star Trek. Trainers. Cheekbones. Aggro. Sex. Drugs. Rock. Roll. Menswear. No wonder PAUL MATHUR loves them ...

Menswear: Nuisance (Laurel/LP/CD)

Review by Johnny Cigarettes, New Musical Express, 7 October 1995

IF YOU are over the age of 21 and read the NME, you should hate Menswear. And you should hate them, essentially, for being young, ...

Menswear: 'We're Bringing Back the Generation Gap'

Interview by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 14 October 1995

Oh, how they laughed when MM plucked MENSWE@R out of obscurity and put them on the cover in February. The laughter stopped when the Swe@r ...

Menswear: Preston University

Live Review by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, 4 November 1995


Suits You: Menswear

Report and Interview by Simon Witter, Sky, December 1995

As overnight sensations go, Menswear’s hyper-speed rise to fame makes even Julia Carling look like a beginner. Plus their music rocks. Simon Witter talks to ...

Pre Millennium Tension

Report by Bethan Cole, i-D, March 1997

Adolescent angst and twentysomething trauma used to be something of a cliché. But no longer. With admissions of young people to hospital at an all-time ...


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