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Mariah Carey (1998)

Interview by Steven Daly, Rock's Backpages audio, 21 March 1998

Over the sounds of a noisy restaurant, la Carey remembers her Long Island childhood; moving to Manhattan at 17 and her determination to sing; in the light of her new album Butterfly, her memories of hearing early hip hop, and using rappers on the new album; on being mixed race; her early image; her film project All That Glitters; her change of musical style, and making videos with Diane Martel.

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Mariah Carey: Emotions (Columbia) **

Review by Rob Tannenbaum, Rolling Stone, 14 November 1991

A ROOKIE success as spectacular as Mariah Carey's tends to spark a backlash, and Carey was derided by skeptics who saw that Columbia Records had ...

Mariah Carey: Wembley Arena, London

Live Review by Paul Sexton, The Times, 25 June 1996

Top notes that come in wads ...

Mariah Carey: The Emancipation of Mimi

Review by Todd L. Burns, Stylus, 14 April 2005

SOMEONE RECENTLY POSITED that there was no greater high and low attained in American culture than those had by Michael Jackson. If that's true, you ...

Mariah Carey: In bed with my career

Interview by Paul Sexton, The Times, 12 September 1997

Mariah Carey's marital breakdown has led to a highly personal album. Paul Sexton meets a determined diva ...

Mariah Carey: Wembley Arena, London

Live Review by Lisa Verrico, The Times, 28 February 2000

IF PROOF were needed that sex sells, Mariah Carey would be a Class A exhibit. Since shelving her sugary image for skintight clothes and raunchy ...

Mariah Carey: Daydream (Columbia)

Review by Amy Linden, Request, December 1995

BY THE time this review appears, Daydream will be dominating the charts and Mariah Carey will be making mad money. So it won't matter to ...

Mariah Carey: The Caged Bird Sings

Interview by Steven Daly, Arena, June 1998

Like every tragic heroine, Mariah Carey traded freedom for fame, creativity for commercial success. Now she's writing her own script and the ending has shifted ...

Mariah Carey: Building the Perfect Diva

Report and Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, Rolling Stone, 23 August 1990

Mariah Carey had a hit LP and a Top Ten single, but whose 'Vision' is it? ...

Jennifer Lopez: This is Me… Then/Mariah Carey: Charmbracelet/Martine McCutcheon: Musicality

Review by Lisa Verrico, The Times, 29 November 2002

ON HER NEW album, Jennifer Lopezhas cannily mixed her real life romance with her music. So listening to This is Me… Then feels a little ...

Mariah Carey's Very Good Year

Interview by Jon Young, Musician, January 1993

"I DIDN'T KNOW what to expect," says Mariah Carey, recalling the taping of her Unplugged special for MTV last March. "I wasn't originally planning on ...

Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas II You

Review by Dan Gennoe,, November 2010

IT'S NOT particularly clever but it is expectedly big, and sure to make a fan's Christmas. ...

Mariah Carey: Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

Review by Mike Diver,, October 2009

MARIAH CAREY'S enduring success – the lead single from this twelfth studio album, the Eminem-baiting 'Obsessed', was the singer's fortieth hit on the Billboard Hot ...

Mariah Carey: Rainbow (Columbia)

Review by Amy Linden, Vibe, December 1999

YES! YES! YES! Mariah Carey is still a skilled singer. The fans will always adore her. Her seat among the pop music hierarchy is secure. ...

Mariah Carey: E=MC2 (Island)

Review by Dan Gennoe, Yahoo! Music, April 2008

MARIAH CAREY is famous for many things, but until now, being depressing wasn't one of them. ...

Mariah Carey: Beyond The Rainbow

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, 2 November 1999

Sony's undisputed queen is about to release her brand new album, Rainbow, which highlights some very personal aspects of her roller coaster ride to superstardom. ...

Mariah Carey: Butterfly Kisses... Or In Bed With Mariah!

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, 23 September 1997

Jeff Lorez flies to LA, does a spot of celeb-spotting and then spends a couple of hours interviewing Mariah Carey in bed on the subject ...

Mariah Carey: Daydream Believer

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, 24 October 1995

The outrageously successful singer talks to B&S about her new Daydream album; working alongside some of the industry's most prestigious names and her ever increasing ...

The Secret Life Of Mariah Carey

Interview by William Shaw, Blender, March 2005

She's the super-private diva who doesn't speak for days at a time. But, for Blender, Mariah Carey opens up about her "horrific" childhood, her friend ...

Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey (CBS)

Review by Andrew Mueller, Melody Maker, 15 Spring 1990

MARIAH CAREY is a very very pretty girl and she has a very very wonderful voice and her debut album is an absolute dog. Comparisons ...

Girl Aloud: Mariah Carey: Madison Square Garden, New York ****

Live Review by Paul Elliott, Q, November 2006

Behold the homecoming queen. And her local vicar. ...

Mariah Carey: The Emancipation Of Mimi

Review by Dan Gennoe, Yahoo! Music, April 2005

IN TRUTH, there's nothing more entertaining than watching a celebrity having a breakdown. ...

Mariah Carey: Greatest Hits

Review by Devon Powers, PopMatters, 8 May 2002

THERE'S A popular mythology out there that says that certain things–like pop divas and Fortune 500 companies–never die. ...

Mariah Carey

Profile and Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, June 1994

SHE HAD never played a gig in her life before and now she was about to make her debut in front of 15,000 people at ...

Mariah Carey: Butterfly

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Rolling Stone, 30 October 1997

ON WHAT IS something of a transitional album, the recently separated Mariah Carey moves still further away from the warmed-over Whitney Houston of Carey's early ...

Mariah Carey

Report and Interview by Mat Snow, Q, September 1991

TODAY, MARIAH Carey is, at 21, the proud possessor of a debut album whose worldwide sales exceed seven million, and a pair of Grammys awarded ...


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