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The Magic Numbers: Those The Brokes

Review by Johnny Sharp, MOJO, December 2006

The Magic Numbers hit most of the right notes, says Johnny Sharp, but not necessarily in the right order. ...

Cardiacs tribute album to raise money for paralysed singer Tim Smith

Report and Interview by Ian Gittins, The Guardian, 3 February 2011

Cardiacs singer Tim Smith suffered a heart attack and a paralysing stroke two years ago, and musicians are now flocking to cover his strange, unique ...

The Magic Numbers

Interview by John Lewis, Hotline, August 2010

After a three-year hiatus, brother/sister quartet The Magic Numbers are back with their best album yet. John Lewis talks to them about Trinidad, Nigeria, Willesden ...

You'll like this...

Profile and Interview by James Medd, Esquire, May 2005

The Magic Numbers: two guys and two girls make instant pop bliss. Count yourself a fan. ...

The Magic Numbers: The Magic Numbers

Review by Ben Thompson, MOJO, July 2005

Two pairs of siblings. One great album. Ben Thompson salutes a melodic, soft-pop masterpiece. ...

The Magic Numbers: Those The Brokes (Heavenly)

Review by Toby Manning, The Word, December 2006

The Soft Parade: Those The Brokes hits the ballad button — a touch too hard ...


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