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Loggins & Messina: Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina "Sittin' In"

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rolling Stone, 16 March 1972

THIS ALBUM answers the "whatever happened to Jim Messina?" question resoundingly. Although singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins is very much in the forefront throughout the album, Messina's ...

They’re Havin’ A Good Time: Loggins & Messina

Report and Interview by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, Spring 1972

THE KENNY Loggins/Jim Messina band is the best thing to emerge from LA in years. Their recent Stateside tour with Delaney & Bonnie took audiences ...

Kenny Loggins (With Jim Messina Sittin' In) Talkin' 'Bout…

Interview by Jerry Gilbert, ZigZag, January 1974

WHERE BETTER to interview Kenny Loggins and Jimmy Messina that in the crowded restaurant of a good old Holiday Inn, with piped music from the ...

Loggins & Messina: Sailing On

Profile and Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 13 April 1974

DESPITE substantial success in the United States, Loggins and Messina have remained an unknown quantity in the U.K. ...

Loggins & Messina: Mother Lode; Poco: Cantamos

Review by Jerry Gilbert, ZigZag, January 1975

INITIALLY THE main difference between these two progeny of the Buffalo Springfield is one of sophistication. While Poco strive desperately to recapture past glories, Loggins ...

Loggins & Messina: There's Gold In The Middle Of The Road

Interview by Tom Nolan, Rolling Stone, 27 February 1975

THE RUSTIC HOUSE on Round Valley Drive in the hills of the San Fernando Valley is in one of those pockets of geography that provides ...

Loggins and Messina: So Fine (CBS 69169) (32.45 mins)

Review by Jonh Ingham, Sounds, 18 October 1975

I HATE this record with a rare savagery. It features the duo's renditions of a dozen exhumed oldies and it raised the anger so fast ...

Michael McDonald

Interview by Sam Sutherland, Musician, January 1981

Songwriter, keyboardist, arranger, member of the Doobies and owner of The Voice reveals himself as a somewhat reluctant superstar. Thrust into pop music's center stage ...

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