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Poet And The Roots: Dread Beat An' Blood

Review by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 26 August 1978

'All oppressionCan do is bringPassion to de heights of eruptionAn' songs of fire we will sing'– 'All Wi Doin' Is Defendin' ...

Linton Kwesi Johnson: Poet Of The Roots

Interview by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 2 September 1978

"The one crowded space in Father Perry's house was his bookshelves. I gradually came to understand that the marks on the pages were trapped words. ...

The Pop Group/LKJ/Nico/Cab Voltaire

Live Review by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, 21 October 1978

Disorder by juxtaposition. Subversion by paradox. Nothing is as simple as we're told. New feelings. ...

The Pop Group/Nico/Linton Kwesi Johnson/Cabaret Voltaire: An Appraisal Of 'Next Year's Thing'

Live Review by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, 21 October 1978

The Pop Group/Nico/Linton Kwesi Johnson/Cabaret Voltaire: Electric Ballroom, London ...

Public Image Limited; Linton Kwesi Johnson: Rainbow Theatre, London

Live Review by Penny Reel, New Musical Express, 6 January 1979

ON THE FIRST day of Christmas bondage bretheren and neon siteren children of the Rainbow – pace Aswad – left their parents' turkey tables en ...

Public Image Ltd., Merger, the Pop Group, Linton Kwesi Johnson, John Cooper Clarke: King's Hall, Manchester

Live Review by Mick Middles, Sounds, 3 March 1979

ALL PRAISE must go to John Cooper Clarke for transforming the freezing, bored alcohol-starved Mancunians into a warmly responsive audience. ...

Public Image Ltd., The Pop Group, Merger, Linton Kwesi Johnson , John Cooper Clarke: Kings Hall, Manchester

Live Review by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, 3 March 1979

RACE TODAY magazine/organisation, acknowledging the central importance of Manchester in the struggle of black people, launched their northern campaign with a fund raising "Creation For ...

Linton Kwesi Johnson: Forces Of Victory (Island ILPS 9566)*****

Review by Garry Bushell, Sounds, 24 March 1979

Stricker ishion (Roughly translated, some of the finest reggae ever made in England) ...

Linton Kwesi Johnson: Roots Inna Inglan?

Report and Interview by Vivien Goldman, Melody Maker, 7 April 1979

Linton Kwesi Johnson, black poet and activist, sees the Rasta dream of Ethiopian exodus as irrelevant ganja-talk. His life and his art deal with reality: ...

Linton Kwesi Johnson

Interview by Garry Bushell, Sounds, 14 April 1979


Linton Kwesi Johnson, Rico Rodriguez: Marquee, London

Live Review by Chris Bohn, Melody Maker, 16 June 1979

EVERY REFERENCE to cops getting hurt elicited cheers of approval from a largely white audience on Sunday. Is that the kind of solidarity that back-and-proud ...

Linton Kwesi Johnson: a poet turns to reggae

Interview by Mick Brown, Rolling Stone, 7 February 1980

Summoning Forces of Victory in Britain ...

Linton Kwesi Johnson: Hour Of The Electric Rebel

Interview by Kris Needs, ZigZag, May 1980

Muzik of blood Black reared Pain rooted Heart geared('Bass Culture' by Linton Kwesi Johnson) ...

Linton Kwesi Johnson: All The Way With LKJ

Interview by Deanne Pearson, The Face, July 1980

Whenever it rains/I think of you And I always remember that day in May When I saw you walking in the rain I know not what it was nor why For ...

Reggae from Home and Abroad

Review by Jim Green, Trouser Press, September 1980

Linton Kwesi Johnson: Bass Culture (Mango); Blackbeard: I Wah Dub (UK, More Cut); Matumbi: Point of View (EMI America); Sugar Minott: Black Roots (Mango); Toots ...

Linton Kwesi Johnson: Bass Culture (Island import); John Cooper Clarke: Snap, Crackle & Bop (Epic import)

Review by Don Waller, New York Rocker, November 1980

THIS IS The Rap on The Rap, Part I: On the day you're born the doctor smacks your butt, then you start to rappin' and ...

Aswad/Linton Kwesi Johnson/New Regulars: Hammersmith Palais, London

Live Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 31 January 1981

MONDAY NIGHT in the Palais: forward and upful all the way. Aswad's 'Warrior Charge' as featured in Babylon and Brinsley Forde's performance in the principal ...

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Report by Betsy Sherman, Boston Rock, 1 October 1981

Merit Badges Goes To Dianaland ...

Linton Kwesi Johnson: Making History

Review by Edwin Pouncey, Sounds, October 1983

A LOT OF polluted water has flowed under the bridge since Bass Culture, Linton Kwesi Johnson's last album of poems, was released to rave critical ...

Linton Kwesi Johnson, Dennis Bovell Dub Band, Gasper Lawal, Orchestra Jazira: Hammersmith Palais, London

Live Review by Jack Barron, Sounds, 9 February 1985


Linton Kwesi Johnson: Reggae's Pioneer Poet Has Picked Up His Pen Again

Profile and Interview by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, 6 March 1990

Music: Linton Kwesi Johnson took a break because he was afraid he'd run out of things to say, but Europe thought otherwise. ...

Linton Kwesi Johnson: Wardrobe, Leeds

Live Review by Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 23 March 2001

IT'S 26 years since Linton Kwesi Johnson became the world's first and foremost dub poet with the single 'Dread Beat An' Blood'. For this rare ...

When British Reggae Was King

Retrospective and Interview by David Burke, Classic Pop, June 2019

Reggae may have been born in Jamaica, but it grew up in '80s Britain at a time of evolving multiculturalism, finding an unlikely ally in ...


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