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Kleenex/Liliput — interview with Marlene Marder

Interview by Jason Gross, Perfect Sound Forever, May 1998

"Hotch-potch, Hugger-mugger, Bow-wow, Hara-kiri, Hoo-poo, Huzza, Hicc-up, Hum-drum, Hexa-pod, Hell-cat, Helter-skelter, Hop-scotch" ...

Music for a Divine Moment: The Best Music of 2001

Guide by Devon Powers, PopMatters, 17 December 2001

IN THESE DAYS of crusades, jihads, and God-Bless-This-Lands, I've been wondering why so much music writing is riddled with religious imagery. ...

LiLiPUT: Defunct punk

Essay by John Harris, The Guardian, 20 July 2007

With lyrics like "Hotch-potch, hugger-mugger, bow-wow, hari-kiri, hoo-poo", how could anyone forget late '70s punk outfit LiLiPUT? ...


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