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The La's: Callin' All

Review by Andrew Mueller,, 10 May 2010

Shows how a lasting reputation can be founded upon one lucky strike. ...

The La’s: The La’s (Go! Discs)

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, 26 January 2001

WHO REMEMBERS the La’s when they first popped out of the Liverpool woodwork? A cherubic quartet of scallies, they were pure cutesy retro, ’60s revisitors ...

The La's: Scouse Honour

Interview by Bob Stanley, Melody Maker, 13 October 1990

With rave reviews greeting their debut album release you'd think THE LA'S would be dead chuffed. So how come BOB STANLEY encounters a band drinking ...

Interview with the La's

Interview by Bob Stanley, Melody Maker, 10 June 1989

THE LA'S ARE NOTHING if not perfectionists. After two years work they've just completed their debut LP - no wonder they look knackered as they ...

The La's: The Marquee, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, Melody Maker, 17 December 1988

THURSDAY, A PACKED Marquee. Onstage, four anoraky boys with jangling guitars. Mick Mercer's idea of Nirvana; my idea of no good reason to miss Neil ...

Lee Mavers: The Lost Boy

Report and Interview by Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 5 December 1998

Lee Mavers of the La's was a star in the early nineties and idolised by Oasis. Then he fell foul of drugs and disappeared. Amid ...

The La's, Sultans Of Ping FC, Spitfire, The Popguns: Sussex University Carnival, Falmer

Live Review by David Bennun, Melody Maker, 13 June 1992

SOMETHING HAS to happen to the Popguns soon. I've never pretended they were great favourites of mine, but every time I hear them, I'm taken ...

Some Mavers Do Have ’Em: The La’s in America

Report and Interview by David Quantick, New Musical Express, 3 August 1991

The La's are sat outside a cafe in New York's Chelsea district with their manager Rob, [photographer] Tim Jarvis and me.They are relaxing before tonight's ...

The La's: The La's

Review by David Stubbs, Uncut, March 2001

LONG OVERDUE re-release of debut by great lost Britpop precursors ...

The La's: The La's (Go! Discs) **

Review by John Harris, Sounds, 6 October 1990

La-di-da ...

The La’s

Interview by John McCready, New Musical Express, 24 October 1987

"WE CAN'T really play but we’re having ago. And we love music, that’s why we’re having a go... our songs are just dead catchy tunes ...

The La’s

Interview by John McCready, The Face, 1989

INSPIRED BY a single, ‘There She Goes’, and an assortment of odd, beautiful and tangential B-sides built from nothing but raw creativity, I feel like ...

The La's: Fit To Pop!

Interview by Julian Henry, Underground, January 1988

The La's earn 'totally normal' tag! ...

Eric's, Probe and the Armadillo: The Story Of Liverpool Music, 1976-1988

Retrospective and Interview by Patrick Clarke, The Quietus, 10 April 2018

Through a series of interviews, Patrick Clarke charts the history of Liverpool's brilliant, bitter and burgeoning music scene of 1976-1988, from Eric's and Probe to ...

There He’s Gone: Lee Mavers

Interview by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, 15 April 1995

Simple as. When Lee Mavers talks, in that cracked-up Mersey drawl of his, he talks. ...

The La's: Town And Country Club, Kentish Town, London

Live Review by Paul Moody, Sounds, 24 November 1990

Thrills and (s)pills ...

The La's: Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 20 June 1991

The La's: Tuneful, Fiat-Footed at the Fonda ...

20 Questions: The La’s

Interview by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 24 November 1990

Thought of anything nice to say about your album yet? ...

The La's: This Could Be The La's Time

Interview by Stuart Maconie, New Musical Express, 20 October 1990

It took three years to make, it cost an unfeasibly huge sum, it's stuffed with great songs – but THE LA's still hate their new ...

The Stone Roses, Marc Almond, Edwyn Collins, the Beautiful South, the La's: Les Inrockuptibles Festival, La Cigale, Paris

Live Review by Terry Staunton, New Musical Express, 21 October 1989


The La’s: The La’s

Review by Tom Graves, Rock & Roll Disc, June 1991

RIGHT OUT OF the box The La’s had me hooked like a red snapper. All my complaints of yore about the bored soul at the ...

Have Mersey: An Interview with The La’s’ Driving Force and Angriest Member Lee Mavers

Interview by Tom Graves, Rock & Roll Disc, September 1991

JUST WHEN YOU think you’ve seen or heard everything that could happen in the music business, something like the La’s imbroglio comes along. The ...

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