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Hip Hop: The Music Centre

Report by Dave Rimmer, Smash Hits, 14 April 1983

Ever wondered where Wham! and Malcolm McLaren got their ideas from? Or how rapping and scratching actually started? The answers lie in the Bronx — a borough ...

Peech Boys: Muscle Peech Party

Interview by Paolo Hewitt, New Musical Express, 27 August 1983

Paolo Hewitt checks for the Peech Boys' Console Companions Larry Levan and Michael "Mafia" Benedictus. ...

The Great Phoney Garage Revival

Comment by John McCready, Mixmag, November 1991

John McCready gets shirty about all this Garage hype. ...

Larry Levan 1954-1992

Obituary by David Toop, The Face, January 1993

JUST BECAUSE remix culture confuses our sense of history, this doesn't mean that DJs don't have heroes. Larry Levan was one of the few DJs ...

Larry Levan Dies

Obituary by David Toop, Mixmag, January 1993

The legendary Paradise Garage DJ passed away in November. David Toop pays tribute. ...

Larry Levan: Paradise Lost

Retrospective by Frank Owen, Vibe, November 1993

For over a decade, Larry Levan ruled the dance-music world from his roost in the DJ booth at New York's legendary Paradise Garage. Last November, ...

How Clubbing Changed The World

Essay by Greg Wilson, Rock's Backpages, 14 September 2012

LAST MONTH I was over in Chicago chilling out in my hotel room ahead of my first gig in the city, at Smart Bar, a ...


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