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Ladyhawke: Asperger's, allergies and aubergines

Interview by Paul Lester, The Guardian, 11 September 2008

Adored by Courtney and loved by Kylie, Ladyhawke is no ordinary pop star. The '80s throwback tells Paul Lester how music got her through a ...

Ladyhawke: Lady's night

Profile and Interview by John Lewis, Hotline, May 2009

Synth-pop queen Ladyhawke, aka New Zealander Pip Brown, talks to John Lewis from the back seat of a New York taxi. ...

Ladyhawke: Walls and Bridges

Profile and Interview by James Medd, The Word, March 2012

Like David Byrne and Gary Numan, Ladyhawke suffers from Asperger's — a tough call in an industry based entirely on communication. ...


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