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Johnny Clarke: Where are the songs of Spring?

Profile by Penny Reel, New Musical Express, 28 February 1976

Ay, where are they? PENNY REEL looks at the erratic career of JOHNNY CLARKE, the star should have been. ...

Johnny Clarke: Don't Stay Out Late (Penguin)

Review by Penny Reel, New Musical Express, 21 January 1978

THIS IS the second album from Johnny Clarke since the sudden termination of his Virgin contract, and it marks the general decline in standard and ...

Busy Doing Nothing: Johnny Clarke, the Reggae Idler

Retrospective and Interview by James Maycock, The Independent, March 1999

THE COMPETITIVE MUSICAL CLIMATE was so intense in mid-'70s Kingston, that Jamaica's capital city was given the soubriquet "Third World Nashville". Hundreds of aspiring ...

Working Like Trojans

Report and Interview by Mike Atherton, Record Collector, July 2003

Mike Atherton delves into the revitalised world of the renowned reggae label Trojan. ...


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