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John Cipollina

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Man: Maximum Darkness

Review by Andy Childs, ZigZag, January 1976

ONE OF THE undoubted highlights so far this year for all ZigZaggers has been the long-overdue visit of John Cipollina to these shores, and if ...

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John Cipollina

Interview by Max Bell, New Musical Express, 7 June 1975

JOHN CIPOLLINA, he's the real thing. Smallish, wiry, hair tied back, nicotine stains up to his elbow and the confident loquaciousness of a man who ...

Man and John Cipollina: Maximum Darkness

Review by Chas de Whalley, New Musical Express, 27 September 1975

WHEN JOHN Cipollina's visit to England was announced earlier this year I made a conscious effort not to check him out. ...


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