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John Cage: National Theatre, London

Live Review by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 24 June 1978

THE LIGHTS went down in London's National Theatre and a bearded, slightly stooped guy in blue denims came on, sat at a lecture table and ...

Tributes to John Cage: The Kennedy Center Concert and Ninth Street Crossings

Report by Paul Yamada, Washington Review, June 1983

WHAT CAN you say about a 70-year-old wiseacre, whose public persona exudes sensitivity and dogma, insight and fatuousness? And what can you say when that ...

John Cage & Brian Eno: A Meeting of Sound Minds

Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, Musician, September 1985

BRIAN ENO is waiting in the calm, green courtyard between his apartment and studio, just a short distance from London's trend-setting King's Road. Under the ...

Ambient: The Chill-Out Zone

Essay by David Toop, Mixmag, October 1992

Ambient music: not just a soundtrack for the chill-out room, more a sound of the future. David Toop gets deep. Very deep. ...

Seriously funny

Comment by David Stubbs, The Wire, June 2005

David Stubbs on discovering that humour and music do mix ...

The Avant-Garde's Woodstock: The International Carnival Of Experimental Sound, 1972

Book Excerpt by Dave Thompson, 'June 1st, 1974', 2013

Excerpt from the book June 1st, 1974: Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Nico, Eno, Mike Oldfield and Robert Wyatt – The Greatest Supergroup Of The Seventies ...

David Grubbs: Records Ruin The Landscape – John Cage, The Sixties And Sound Recording

Book Review by Frances Morgan, The Wire, June 2014

JOHN CAGE can always be relied upon for a good quote. Here an apparently lighthearted comment, in which the composer compares sound recordings to postcards ...

Laura Kuhn (ed.): The Selected Letters of John Cage

Book Review by Tim Page, New York Review of Books, 27 October 2016

THERE ARE CERTAIN creative figures whose mature works are almost tangential to their enduring artistic influence. Marcel Duchamp falls into this group, as does Andy ...


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