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Joe "King" Carrasco

Joe "King" Carrasco

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What's wrong with this instrument? Nothing!

Overview by John Morthland, High Fidelity, August 1987

The rehabilitation of the accordion: American pop's got a squeeze-box. ...

The Ballad of Joe "King" Carrasco and El Molino

Retrospective by Bill Bentley, Austin Chronicle, 11 October 2002

IN TEXAS, it's damn near impossible to start a band so unscrewed that even hardcore fans shake their heads in wonder at the absurdity of ...

Designated Drummer: The Guru of Groove, Ernie Durawa

Retrospective and Interview by Bill Bentley, Austin Chronicle, 23 May 2003

DESIGNATED DRUMMER. IF YOU'RE GOING to hang a tag on the able shoulders of Ernesto "Ernie" Durawa, that would be the one. For almost 50 ...


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