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Jesse Ed Davis

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Taj Mahal's Band

Interview by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, January 1970

JESSE EDWIN DAVIS/lead guitar ...

Rock And Roll’s First Indian Superstar: Jesse ‘Ed’ Davis

Interview by Steven Rosen, Los Angeles Free Press, June 1973

JESSE "ED" DAVIS is a "musician’s musician." For all those hard-nosed cynics who grimace at the overworked phrase, one glance at his list of credentials ...

Jesse Ed Davis

Interview by Steven Rosen, Zoo World, 6 December 1973

TAKE ONE Oklahoman Indian; stick one guitar in his hand and what you come up with is a singer/songwriter/guitarist more impressive and powerful than all ...

An Interview with Jesse Ed Davis

Interview by Steven Rosen, Guitar Player, March 1974

JESSE ED DAVIS plays guitar like a man with a mission. You probably wouldn't find him listed in any guitar polls, but you'd sure as ...

Jesse Ed Davis (1945-1988)

Obituary by Bill Bentley, L.A. Weekly, 21 July 1988

JESSE ED Davis was the only person I ever saw who smiled while he sang. Some shut their eyes. Others grimace or maybe grin. But ...

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