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Singing the cyber blues: Janelle Monaé's Metropolis

Overview by Kandia Crazy Horse, San Francisco Bay Guardian, 7 May 2008

AFROFUTURISM BEGAN in earnest with those "20 odd Negroes" brought to Jamestown. Truly, long-ago Africans brought to New World shores invented modernity on the fly, ...

Flash forward: Janelle Monáe

Report and Interview by Chris Campion, The Observer, 14 June 2009

Introducing this month's hottest talent, the android-loving future of R&B. ...

Janelle Monáe: The ArchAndroid

Preview by Pete Paphides, The Times, 9 July 2010

Another girl, another planet, another experience ...

Janelle Monáe: Sister From Another Planet

Interview by Dorian Lynskey, The Guardian, 26 August 2010

Inspired by sci-fi novels and Afro-futurists, Janelle Monáe is a cyber diva taking R&B into far-out places. Dorian Lynskey meets the most compelling new character ...

Janelle Monáe: A New Pioneer Of Afrofuturism

Comment by John Calvert, The Quietus, 2 September 2010

Against a pop climate beset by fraudulent marketing plans on two shiny legs, John Calvert argues that Janelle Monáe brandishes the acetylene torch for radical ...

Janelle Monáe: Postbahnhof, Berlin — Not The Archandroid We're Looking For

Live Review by Wyndham Wallace, The Quietus, 17 December 2010

Janelle Monáe's got it all, so why do we need any more? Wyndham Wallace reports from her recent Berlin show… ...

Right on the Monáe: Janelle Monáe, Gotye, Kimbra

Report by Kate Mossman, New Statesman, 18 July 2012

THE FIRST RULE for writers – apply seat of pants to chair – works for musicians, too. Thirty years ago, the hairbrush and the bedroom mirror ...

Janelle Monáe: "I'm a time traveller. I have been to lots of different places"

Interview by Kate Mossman, The Guardian, 30 June 2013

She's an android-dating style queen who's been compared to Bowie. Is the R&B singer the saviour of pop? ...

Janelle Monáe: The Electric Lady

Review by Holly Gleason, Paste, 10 September 2013

AN ENNIO MORRICONE sonic vista opens The Electric Lady, the sequel to Janelle Monáe's The ArchAndroid, making its ambition obvious. Overture burning off, a tugging ...

Janelle Monáe: The Institute, Birmingham

Live Review by Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 9 May 2014

"JANELLE! MON-ÁE!" yells the Birmingham crowd as the singer is pushed on in a wheelchair, wearing a straitjacket. She leaps up, throwing off the garment ...


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