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Jack Bruce: Tales Of A Brave Ulysses

Interview by Barbara Charone, Sounds, 26 February 1977

"Jack's always been involved with these terrible bloody all-star bands. But now he's in an ideal position. He's older now and can surround himself with ...

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Cream's Jack Bruce (2001)

Interview by Johnny Black, Rock's Backpages Audio, September 2001

From Manchester's Twisted Wheel to the Royal Albert Hall: Jack Bruce talks to Johnny Black about the beginning and ending of the first supergroup, Cream

File format: mp3 File size: 23.9mb Interview length: 26 minutes 8 seconds Sound quality: ****

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Jack Bruce: Songs For A Tailor (Polydor)

Review by uncredited writer, Record Mirror, 6 September 1969

Bruce bridges the jazz-pop gap.... ...

Jack Bruce: I Want To Be A Musician, Not A Pop Star

Interview by Tony Norman, Top Pops, 25 October 1969

JACK BRUCE has had a fascinating career. I first saw him in the days when he played with Graham Bond. What a band the Organisation ...

The Heavy Burdens Of Jack’s Shoulders

Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 24 January 1970

HIGH COURT Judges have often been heard to observe that pop stars have "grave responsibilities." However, they are usually referring to suspected powers of influence ...

Tony Williams, Jack Bruce, John McLaughlin: Risk of a Lifetime

Profile and Interview by Rob Partridge, Record Mirror, 3 October 1970

JACK BRUCE described Lifetime as simply the best band in the world. Jack, as quarter of Lifetime, might of course be a little biased. But ...

Jack Bruce: Royal Court, London

Live Review by Karl Dallas, The Times, 3 November 1970

WHEN JACK BRUCE played bass guitar with Cream, he extended what had until then been the instrument's limited range into nearly equal status with Eric ...

Jack Bruce And His Lifetime

Interview by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 7 January 1971

LONDON – It's the universal riff. When some kid in Laguna Beach finally stops driving all the neighbors crazy with it, a kid sitting by ...

Jack Bruce, Roy Harper, King Crimson: Hyde Park, London

Live Review by Roy Carr, New Musical Express, 11 September 1971

AFTER THE confusion that reigned at Weeley, it has become quite apparent that you don't need every band that lives, breathes and plugs in to ...

King Crimson/Roy Harper/Jack Bruce: Hyde Park, London

Live Review by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 11 September 1971

JUDGING BY THE weather this week, the title of Saturday's free concert in Hyde Park – "Farewell To Summer" – was a little premature. And ...

Jack Bruce: Harmony Row

Review by Loyd Grossman, Rolling Stone, 16 September 1971

JACK BRUCE GOT a bad deal. Following the break-up of Cream Bruce was the only member of the band to emerge with less than "superstar" ...

Jack Bruce

Profile by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, 5 May 1973

CREATOR OF one of rock's two most distinctive bass styles (the other being Paul McCartney's), Jack Bruce has, during the course of a long and ...

Jack Bruce

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 7 July 1973

JACK BRUCE has turned full circle. The best bass guitarist Britain has produced, whose career has merged jazz and rock to the extent where he ...

AUDIO: Alexis Korner (1975)

Audio transcript of interview by Karl Dallas, Rock's Backpages Audio, 1975

This is a transcript of Karl's interview. Listen to the audio of this interview. ...

Jack Bruce: Out of the Storm

Review by Loyd Grossman, Rolling Stone, 27 February 1975

JACK BRUCE WAS one of the most outstanding and at the same time least recognized talents to appear on the transatlantic rock scene in the ...

Jack Bruce Soars Beyond Cream And Out Of The Storm

Interview by Ron Ross, Circus Raves, March 1975

FROM A REMOTE retreat in rural England, surrounded by his books and the stillness of nature, Jack Bruce pondered the challenge of his fourth solo ...

Jack Bruce: Back on Harmony Row

Interview by Barbara Charone, Crawdaddy!, March 1975

COMBINE CREAM, the Stones, and some avant-garde jazz and you've got this year's talk of the town. ...

Bruce and Taylor's Band of Misfits

Interview by Barbara Charone, Rolling Stone, 17 July 1975

LONDON – "I had three choices: give up completely, find a backing group to play my songs mechanically, or become a sideman playing bass in ...

Chris Spedding: This Guitar for Hire

Interview by Dave Schulps, Trouser Press, April 1977

Sessionman asserts himself ...

Will Cream Stand the Test of Time?

Retrospective and Interview by Wesley Strick, Circus, 28 April 1977

MAYBE YOU'VE seen the recent full-page spreads, and maybe you've wondered. In January, RSO Records reissued nine landmark rock 'n roll albums. "Collector's Editions," the ...

Jack Bruce: Jack's Sound of 1979

Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 24 February 1979

IT SEEMED like the end of an era when we discovered, last week, that Jack Bruce and the Robert Stigwood Organisation have parted company. ...

Jack Bruce: Basscapades

Profile by Richard Gehr, The Village Voice, 13 February 1990

If you were born November 26, 1968, the day Cream gave its farewell concert at the Royal Albert Hall, let me stand you a legal ...

BBM: Around The Next Dream (Virgin)/Ginger Baker Trio: Going Back Home (Atlantic)

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, Guitar World, 1994

WHOEVER FIRST claimed that guitar, bass and drums are the "three primary colo(u)rs of rock and roll" ignored the possibility that some of us might ...

Sound Your Funky Horn: Jack Bruce

Retrospective and Interview by Jim Irvin, MOJO, May 1995

Jack Bruce selects the high points of his illustrious career. ...

Jack Bruce: Monkjack

Review by Harry Shapiro, MOJO, October 1995

IF I WERE CASTAWAY alone on a desert island, my luxury item would be Jack Bruce's voice — the perfect backdrop to the many moments ...

AUDIO: Cream's Jack Bruce (2001)

Audio transcript of interview by Johnny Black, Rock's Backpages Audio, September 2001

This is a transcript of Johnny's interview with Jack. Listen to the audio of this interview. ...

Jack Bruce: Songs For A Tailor/Harmony Row

Review by Rob Chapman, MOJO, April 2003

SEVERAL BLUE moons ago us MOJO contributors were asked to provide the mag with a list of our 30 all-time favourite LPs. My only real ...

Ultimate Power-Trio Bassist Jack Bruce Steps on the Silver Rails

Interview by Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press, 6 May 2014

HE'S BEST KNOWN to the average classic-rock fan for the scant time in the '60s, fewer than three years, that he spent singing and playing ...

What happened when these '60s artists decided to go solo?

Retrospective by Mitchell Cohen, Music Aficionado, 2017

GOING SOLO IS an ancient musical tradition. Probably there was a Gregorian monk whose yearning for the spotlight made him think, "I can do this ...

Sunshine Of Your Love: A Concert For Jack Bruce

Film/DVD/TV Review by Tony Burke, Morning Star, 5 November 2019

IN 2015, A DAY before the first anniversary of his death at the age of 71, an all-star cast of musicians gathered at London's Roundhouse ...

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