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Deft Mutants in a Telephone Booth: Human Switchboard at Walnut Hills, Dayton

Live Review by Richard Riegel, Creem, August 1981

DAYTON, OH -- "Maximum Occupancy: 110" says the sign high up on the wall of the Walnut Hills Bar, and by a conservative estimate, I'd ...

Human Switchboard

Profile by Geoffrey Himes, Musician, June 1982

WITH A WHOLE February afternoon to spend at home, the mailman's latest batch of new wave releases went on the turntable. They told a distressing ...

Scientific Americans: Load And Go!; Human Switchboard: Coffee Break and other ROIR tapes

Review by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 14 August 1982

TIME FOR another recharge from my choice in chutzpah-driven indies: Neil ‘Let’s Get This Party Started’ Cooper’s Reach Out International Records (ROIR). Former booking agent ...

Maxima Moralis: Relections from a Healing Mind – Cleveland, Independent Music, and the 1970s; Part 3

Essay by Michael Baker, Perfect Sound Forever, November 2004

V. The Pagans: Claustrophobia and Creation ...


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