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Sonic Youth, Pavement, Huggy Bear: Rainbow Club, Bristol

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 19 December 1992


Huggy Bear: The Revolution…

Comment by Everett True, Melody Maker, 27 February 1993

Ever since HUGGY BEAR released their debut EP, Rubbing The Impossible To Burst, the band have been educating, irritating and agitating with their confrontational "girl ...

Huggy Bear: Will Not Be Televised!

Report by Sally Margaret Joy, Melody Maker, 27 February 1993

friday 9.40pm: one of the herd at The Word ...

Huggy Bear/Bikini Kill: Our Troubled Youth/Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (Catcall)

Review by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 6 March 1993


Huggy Bear: Ready, Teddy, Go!

Special Feature by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 6 March 1993

You've seen HUGGY BEAR smash up mainstream complacency on The Word, you've been baffled by a load of biased ranting on some kind of new ...

Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear: University of London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 16 March 1993

RIOT GRRRL, a radical feminist frock movement originating in Washington state, is generating much controversy in the US. Even the New York Times has published a chin-stroking ...

Riot Grrrl: The Riot Girls And Bender Boys Tour

Profile and Interview by Sally Margaret Joy, Melody Maker, 20 March 1993

It really is happening! The Daily Star said so! Yup, one year after The Maker first reported on this new phenomenon, the whole world has ...

Huggy Bear: Angry Young Women

Interview by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 24 March 1993

Take the in-yer-face spirit of punk, add a dash of Mom's best feminist cant. Born in the USA, now raising hell here, Riot Grrrls are ...

Ready Teddy Go: Huggy Bear/Skinned Teen: Notre Dame Hall, London

Live Review by John Robb, Melody Maker, 10 July 1993

BREAKING THE SILENCE following the white-hot furore surrounding them earlier in the year, Huggy Bear are a band under pressure. For some, they are the ...

Huggy Bear: Taking The Rough With The Smooch (Wiiija/All formats)

Review by John Harris, New Musical Express, 18 September 1993


Huggy Bear: Our Troubled Youth/Bikini Kill: Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (Kill Rock Stars) ****

Review by Evelyn McDonnell, Rolling Stone, 30 September 1993

PICTURE a punk rocker: Ian MacKaye and Emma Goldman are her heroes. She reads Maximum Rock 'n Roll and plays 'Holidays In The Sun' on ...

Huggy Bear: The Powerhaus, Islington, London

Live Review by Carl Loben, Melody Maker, 8 January 1994

SHOULDN'T HUGGY Bear have split up by now? ...

Erotic Bleeding: Huggy Bear: Weaponry Listens To Love (Wiiija/Famous Monsters Of Filmland)

Review by John Robb, Melody Maker, 3 December 1994

Forget the Riot Grrrl politics — if you must. Huggy Bear are/were a brilliantly confrontational punk rock band, much-maligned and misunderstood. Much like JOHN ROBB, ...

Grrrl Power

Retrospective and Interview by Laura Barton, The Guardian, 4 March 2009

The Riot Grrrl scene brought feminism to alternative rock in the '90s. Fifteen years on, the aftershocks are still making waves, says Laura Barton. ...

The 10 Myths of Riot Grrrl

Comment by Everett True, The Guardian, 14 September 2009

YOU READ a lot of stuff about Riot Grrrl, most of which isn't true. Things such as ...  ...

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