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Hot Chocolate's Errol Brown (1975)

Interview by John Tobler, Rock's Backpages Audio, 16 December 1975

The Hot Chocolate frontman/songwriter talks about the good year the band have just had: about never being certain of hits and having no fixed following; working without management support; not rushing to go on the road; singles vs. albums; producer Mickie Most; being an integrated band; not being a soul act per se... and why he shaves his head!

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Hot Chocolate: Hot — Bet Yer Life They Are!

Interview by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, 3 October 1970

HOT CHOCOLATE'S 'Love Is Life' looks like the third giant hit for Mickie Most's new Rak label — and one of those three nearly went ...

Hot Chocolate, Music Chocolate!

Interview by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 10 October 1970

Just the job for a cold night indoors ...

Hot Chocolate's Errol Brown owns up... The Lady Is A Nympho!

Interview by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 10 April 1971

"NO MESSIN' about," chuckled Errol Brown, that shiny-domed Hot Chocolateer who co-wrote 'You Could've Been A Lady' — "it's a song all about a nymphomaniac." ...

Hot Chocolate: Chocolate Brown

Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 25 August 1973

THERE IS absolutely no getting away from the fact that it was an excessively hot and sticky afternoon. Sweaterama incarnate. Clothing stuck unpleasantly to the ...

Stories and Hot Chocolate: 'Brother Louie'

Report and Interview by Paul Gambaccini, Rolling Stone, 13 September 1973

"THIS IS NOT what I wanted," Enrol Brown mused over a boiled egg breakfast in his London penthouse. "Tony Wilson and I will still get ...

Hot Chocolate: Ghetto Music — Council Estate Style

Interview by Robin Katz, Sounds, 3 August 1974

Robin Katz meets a hot, unified body ...

Hot Chocolate: Cicero Park (Big Tree)

Review by Harold Bronson, Phonograph Record, January 1975

AS EVERYONE KNOWS, soul music is in now more than ever, but in the frenzy of cheerful accolades and mountainous monies embracing Barry White and ...

Hot Chocolate: Choc's Away

Interview by Colin Irwin, Melody Maker, 26 July 1975

A CLUTCH of nubile girls are usefully spending their school holidays hanging around outside the Bell Record Company offices in the hope of a glimpse ...

Hot Chocolate: Top Hat, Spennymoor, County Durham

Live Review by Phil Sutcliffe, Sounds, 26 July 1975

REVIEWING ACTS in nightclubs rather than the usual concert hall is really something else. So much is happening, the band has to work really hard ...

Hot Chocolate: Hot on the Trail

Profile and Interview by Harry Doherty, Melody Maker, 6 December 1975

HOT CHOCOLATE, the faceless men of British pop, leave soon for the real land of hope and glory, America, confident that they will be a ...

Hot Chocolate: City Hall, Newcastle

Live Review by Phil Sutcliffe, Sounds, 1 April 1978

IT WAS the funniest ending to a concert I've ever seen. Hot Chocolate said their goodbyes, walked off and, I imagine, stood in the wings ...

Hot Chocolate: Everyone's a Moneyspinner

Profile and Interview by Davitt Sigerson, Melody Maker, 13 January 1979

GREAT POPULAR music is generally not a cynical or synthetic product, but something personal to one individual that many, many others find appealing. ...

Never Mind The Horlicks: Here's Hot Chocolate

Interview by Robin Katz, Smash Hits, 29 May 1980


Hot Chocolate: Monday Night Fever

Profile and Interview by Mick Brown, The Guardian, 31 July 1982

As Hot Chocolate ride high in the charts again, Mick Brown meets Errol Brown, Britain's most successful black song writer, the toast of Mickie Most's ...

Hot Chocolate: All Because The Lady Loves Hot Chocolate

Interview by Paolo Hewitt, New Musical Express, 17 March 1984

FRESH FROM his evening shower and now only half an hour away from facing 2,000 of his most ardent supporters, Errol Brown, a white towel ...

AUDIO: Mickie Most (1997)

Audio transcript of interview by Johnny Black, Rock's Backpages Audio, May 1997

This is a transcript of Johnny's audio interview with Mickie. Listen to the audio of this interview. ...

Lloyd Bradley: Sounds Like London

Book Review by Greg Wilson,, 9 October 2013

JUST FINISHED a captivating and, to my mind, long-overdue book, which covers the history of black music in the capital spanning (almost) 100 years, the ...


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