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Horace Andy

Horace Andy

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Keep on Runnings

Report by Sean O'Hagan, Guardian, The, 15 February 1992

Bob Marley's music is not the young music in Kingston today. Ragga not reggae is king. And that took the British group Massive Attack to ...

Horace Andy: Put It All Down To His Quaver

Interview by Ben Thompson, Independent, The, 26 September 1996

Horace Andy has fathered 16 children. He's also had a long career in reggae. ...

Roots master — Horace Andy: Living in the Flood (Melankolic) ****

Review by Sean O'Hagan, Guardian, The, 22 October 1999

Thirty years into his career as a reggae singer, Horace Andy has hit paydirt, writes Sean O'Hagan ...

Horace Andy: Heavenly Social, London

Live Review by Lucy O'Brien, Guardian, The, 30 October 1999

After three decades as a singer, Horace Andy can still surprise. Lucy O'Brien reports ...

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