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Haysi Fantayzee: "...Tall Skinny People In Search Of Paradise"

Interview by Betty Page, Noise!, 8 July 1982

THERE'S A poster goin' round town with Big John starin' out, mighty real, sharpshooters in hand, chaps in place. N' they're a-saying 'John Wayne Is ...

Haysi Fantayzee: The Cheeky Double Fantasy

Interview by Carol Clerk, Melody Maker, 30 October 1982

Carol Clerk shouts "Up yer bum!" as she discovers the sexual side of HAYSI FANTAYZEE ...

Singles Reviewed by MARK COOPER

Review by Mark Cooper, Record Mirror, 22 January 1983

THE GAP BAND 'Outstanding' (Polygram) Yet another soul concerto from The Gap Band with a monstrously hard-hitting handclap from the engine room and a vocal ...

Haysi Fantayzee: Battle Hymns For Children Singing (RCA)

Review by Laura Fissinger, Creem, January 1984

I'VE BEEN sitting here for a humiliating number of hours trying to write this review. Every time I get started, I stop — with a ...

Kate Garner: Woman's Own

Interview by Adam Sweeting, Melody Maker, 17 March 1984

KATE GARNER used to be known for taking her clothes off. Now she's keeping them on, even in the face of Adam Sweeting. ...

Haysi Fantayzee: Battle Hymns For Children Singing – The Best Of Haysi Fantayzee

Sleeve notes by Alex Ogg, Cherry Pop, 26 February 2007

HAYSI FANTAYZEE were formed in 1981 by a fashion photographer from Wigan, Kate Garner, and her boyfriend, Paul Caplin, late of EMI act Animal Magnet ...

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