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Green Day (1995)

Interview by Roy Trakin, Rock's Backpages audio, 9 August 1995

The young pups of punk nouveau phone in about their humungous success, vast wealth, and what it means to be a punk, twenty years after the fact.

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If Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Is Green Day Today’s Beatles?

Comment by Metal Mike Saunders, BAM, 15 May 1992

IF YOU BUY one album this coming year buy this one: Green Day’s Kerplunk! ...

Green Day Rising

Review and Interview by Metal Mike Saunders, BAM, 28 January 1994

Popcore Ascending? Or Is That Just The First Phase Of 'The Greatest Band In America'? ...

Green Day: Dookie (WEA 9362-45529-2 14 tks/40 mins/FP)

Review by Ian Watson, Melody Maker, 28 May 1994

LIKE A hardcore Hailey's Comet, Green Day have a habit of popping up every couple of summers with an LP stuffed with blazing guitars, bright ...

Woodstock II: Sodden Life Is Rubbish

Report by John Harris, New Musical Express, 27 August 1994

Take 250,000 hippy children (Please! — Ed) and baby boomers reliving the 'glories' of the '60s, stick them in a sea of mud and charge ...

Green Day: Young, Loud, and Snotty

Interview by Eric Weisbard, Spin, September 1994

GREEN DAY's unexpected rise from Gilman Street punk urchins to MTV poster children has not come without a price. Eric Weisbard wonders if they can ...

Green Day: The Dookies Of Hazards

Interview by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, 3 September 1994

Smothered in mud, wrestling with bouncers, GREEN DAY are The Monkees, The Kinks, The Banana Splits and The Ramones in one handy million-selling punk rock ...

Green Day: Astoria, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 24 October 1994

US band Green Day sing of misery and hatred but, live at the Astoria, it's just one big party ...

Green Day: Astoria, London

Live Review by Paul Sexton, The Times, 26 October 1994

Let's go scurfin' USA — Punk strikes a power pop chord ...

Green Day: "It's the Drugs"

Report and Interview by Lisa Verrico, Vox, December 1994

Californian group Green Day have sped through the past year, with more than a little help from their friends Billy Whizz and Bob Hope. And ...

Green Day: Brixton Academy, London

Report and Interview by Sylvie Simmons, RAW, 1995

Billie Joe: "People suddenly see you as this voice of a generation. And you’re kinda going, Huh? All I was doing was pulling my pants ...

Green Day: Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY

Live Review by Carol Cooper, Newsday, 1995

BY MATCHING the cheeky insouciance of the early Beatles with the amphetamine hooks of the Ramones in the late ‘80s, Green Day graduated rock and ...

Green Day: Three Chords, Five Years, And A Bookmobile

Comment by Metal Mike Saunders, Starline, February 1995

IT'S NOVEMBER 1990, and Green Day are playing their first-ever Hollywood gig, thrown into the middle of a nine-band bill at the Coconut Teazer. ...

Green Day: Nassau Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, New York

Live Review by Michael Azerrad, Spin, March 1995

GREEN DAY at Nassau? The band that had been playing graffiti-riddled ratholes for gas money only months before took six minutes to sell all 14,895 ...

Green Day: Insomniac (WEA/All formats)

Review by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, 7 October 1995


Green Day: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 7 October 1995


Green Day: Insomniac (Reprise)

Review by Eric Weisbard, Spin, December 1995

GREEN DAY'S success has returned to vogue one of rock's simplest and most crucial sounds, the uptempo party bash that dates to all those garage ...

Green Day: Everybody Verts

Interview by Andrew Mueller, Melody Maker, 16 December 1995

Green Day's major label debut LP sold more than Nevermind, Vitalogy, Monster and Zooropa. Their new one isn't doing too badly, either. Andrew Mueller meets ...

Green Day and Rancid: Maximum Rock'n'Roll!

Report by Susan Corrigan, i-D, January 1996

With their technicolour mohicans and tattoos, Green Day and Rancid are bringing teen spirit to a generation of Americans who weren't even born when the ...

Green Day: Stick 'Em Up, Punks!

Interview by Ben Myers, Melody Maker, 4 October 1997

Those loveable American punk rockers GREEN DAY are back. We join them in Milan to find out if they're still punk at heart. Guess what? ...

Green Day: Nimrod

Review by Ted Drozdowski, The Boston Phoenix, 13 October 1997

GREEN DAY have dropped another load of Dookie upon us. By which I mean the band have made a big pile of new songs as ...

Green Day: Nimrod (Reprise)

Review by Don Waller, L.A. Weekly, 4 December 1997

Green Day is maturing, like cheese ...

Green Day: Hero Of the Bay

Interview by Neil Perry, Kerrang!, 24 January 1998

These days, when Billie Joe Armstrong's band do a hometown show, it's a triumphant, equipment-trashing affair for which all of San Francisco and its dog ...

California Über Alles: US '90s Punk part1

Retrospective and Interview by Ian Fortnam, Kerrang!, 30 January 1999

In 1994, GREEN DAY and THE OFFSPRING released two albums which changed the face of American music. From Dookie and Smash to 'Pretty Fly (For ...

California Über Alles: US '90s Punk part 2

Retrospective and Interview by Ian Fortnam, Kerrang!, 6 February 1999

After the huge success of GREEN DAY, THE OFFSPRING and RANCID came the inevitable wave of copy-cat bands and the backlash. Here, US punk's movers ...

The Biggest Punk Rock Band in the World: Green Day

Retrospective by Ian Fortnam, unpublished, 2002

THE FACTS speak for themselves. With worldwide album sales currently in excess of 23 million, their Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum Dookie debut boasting an almost ...

Green Day: Get in the van

Interview by Ian Winwood, Kerrang!, 13 July 2002

For the past nine weeks, Green Day have been blasting across America on the Pop Disaster tour… Their mission: "To reclaim our throne as the most ...

Reading Festival: Richmond Avenue, Reading

Live Review by Simon Price, Independent on Sunday, 5 September 2004

And the name of the world's worst band is... ...

Green Day: Irving Plaza, New York

Live Review by Pat Blashill, Rolling Stone, 28 October 2004

GREEN DAY'S New York show, one of four small venue dates the band played before its fall arena tour, felt like it was shot out ...

Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown

Review by Mike Diver, Clash, 23 April 2009

SKIPPING TO THE conclusion before the qualifying: 21st Century Breakdown is an abject failure, a hollow-sounding shadow of the zeitgeist-riding, multi-platinum American Idiot. ...

Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown (Reprise) ***½

Review by Jeff Tamarkin, The Boston Phoenix, 1 June 2009

IF ANYONE HAD suggested, circa Dookie 15 years ago, that Green Day would one day carry the torch for the classic rock opera… well, no ...

Green Day: Uno!

Review by Ian Gittins, Virgin Media Music, September 2012

A FULL QUARTER of a century into their career, the Californian pop-punks should really be churning out tired, formulaic albums or, more likely, contemplating splitting. ...

Mossman on music: Green Day's musical

Live Review by Kate Mossman, New Statesman, 19 October 2012

The Green Day-inspired musical reviewed. ...

Green Day's American Idiot: Hammersmith Apollo, London ***

Live Review by Nick Hasted, The Independent, 5 December 2012

THE ROCK OPERA first grappled with by Pete Townshend and Ray Davies at the end of the 1960s, as rock's growing thematic seriousness and their ...

Green Day: Air Canada Center, Toronto

Live Review by Juliette Jagger, Anchor Shop, 12 April 2013

LATELY I'VE BEEN feeling disillusioned with the state of rock and roll. It seems like only the bands that were already bands long before this ...

American Music Awards: anti-Trump sentiment peppers pop's timid party

Report by Maura Johnston, The Guardian, 21 November 2016

Usually the awards show is a chance for those who turn up to walk away with a gong, but this year several acts and presenters ...


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