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GG Allin: Cat Club, New York City

Live Review by RJ Smith, The Village Voice, 21 October 1986

ILLIN' ON 24 oz. Jolt October 6 only made it worse. G.G. Allin, this New Hampshire loser, appeared at the Cat Club, wearing only a ...

Underground: GG Allin

Guide by Byron Coley, Spin, August 1987

FIRST things first. Just as 1986 was the Year of the 'Steen, 1987 is gonna be the Year of GG Allin. ...

Pigshit: GPG on GG

Film/DVD/TV Review by Gary Pig Gold, Rock and Roll Report, 21 January 2011

A FULL DISCLOSURE right up front, one and all: Way back in the 1980 hey!day of my fanzine, The Pig Paper, a certain Kevin Michael ...


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