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Metallica: Taking the Mick

Interview by Steffan Chirazi, Kerrang!, 22 December 1990

He's very large, he's very hairy, he's got a massive... motorbike — and he's been soundman to some of the greatest acts in Metal. GBH, ...

'They made Sex Pistols sound like Take That': the fury of Midlands punk

Profile and Interview by Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 21 April 2020

Discharge, GBH and other scrappy bands rose up out of a scene where gigs were like wars. Clay Records' leading lights recall how technique came ...

GBH: The Dustbin Men

Interview by Garry Bushell, Sounds, 20 March 1982

"Oi has spoilt punk. I really hate the idea of the Oi thing even if some of the music's alright...if Oi and punk are the ...


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