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Babes In Toyland, Gallon Drunk, Leatherface: Astoria, London

Live Review by Keith Cameron, New Musical Express, 4 January 1992

THOUGH FRANKIE Stubbs later said he found the football field-sized stage spaces "too tiring", Leatherface appeared to thrive on this bigger platform. Guitarist Richie Hammond's ...

Gallon Drunk: Tonite... The Singles Bar (Clawfist)

Review by Cathi Unsworth, Melody Maker, 16 March 1992


Gallon Drunk: Pissed as Beauts

Profile and Interview by Cathi Unsworth, Melody Maker, 24 October 1992

They've put quiffs and Hawaiian shirts back on the map. They've been compared favourably to the mighty Birthday Party. They like making one mutha of ...

London: Ditty Old Town

Overview by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 22 May 1993

From The Kinks to Carter, Bowie to Blur, the Small Faces to Suede, British pop groups have eulogised, mythologised, criticised, glamorised, immortalised, romanticised and agonised ...

PJ Harvey, Gallon Drunk: Bristol University

Live Review by Cathi Unsworth, Melody Maker, 22 May 1993


PJ Harvey, Gallon Drunk: Rock City, Nottingham

Live Review by Keith Cameron, New Musical Express, 22 May 1993

LIKE IGGY said, all aboard for Fun Time. The pat preconceptions hanging around this inspired pairing suggest that chuckles will be thin on the ground. ...

PJ Harvey: The Academy, New York NY

Live Review by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 10 July 1993

FROM GRUNGE'S "castration blues" to the glutinous gloom of Come/Red House Painters/Mazzy Star to tonight's support band Gallon Drunk (with their cliché-encrusted homage to Nick ...


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