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Freeez: Southern Freeez (Beggars Banquet EL PEE 1)

Review by Paul Sexton, Record Mirror, 14 February 1981

"NEW WAVE jazz funk, play loud." So says the liner, and it's almost all you need to know. Except perhaps that it's British, it's in ...

A Freeezing Spell

Interview by Paul Sexton, Record Mirror, 7 March 1981

ONCE YOU'VE licked the label, it's pretty hard to peel it off. It was Freeez themselves who called their music "new wave jazz funk". Now ...

Funk for all the Family

Report by Mary Harron, The Guardian, 21 March 1981

Jazz-funk, an offshoot of American soul music, is sweeping away the tired sounds of disco. Mary Harron reports on an underground youth cult ...

Freeez: Two's Company... Freeez A Crowd

Interview by Paul Sexton, Record Mirror, 2 July 1983

PROFOUND STATEMENTS of our time, number 23. Let me introduce you to Freeez's John Rocca, who says assertively: "If you want a loaf of bread, ...

Freeez of a kind

Interview by Graham K. Smith, Record Mirror, 8 October 1983

PETER MAAS is excited. Quite right too, you might say, what with the rebirth of his first love Freeez — written off by all after ...

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