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Ry Cooder: Chicken-Skin Music (Reprise)

Review by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 23 October 1976

With the pound tottering, Kissinger's Rhodesian settlement crumbling, and Revie's team a complete shambles... it's nice to know there are still things you can rely ...

Ry Cooder: Ry Talks

Profile and Interview by Richard Harrington, Unicorn Times, November 1976

IF YOU know Ry Cooder's music for its own brilliance, then you can be considered lucky. If you don't know it specifically, then chances are ...

Flaco Jimenez: In Search Of The Polka-Rock Fusion

Interview by Joe Nick Patoski, Rolling Stone, 10 February 1977

IF THE ACCORDION ever manages to rise from the underground of ethnic music as rock's undiscovered lead instrument, Flaco Jimenez will at long last be ...

Flaco Jimenez: Viva los Accordion

Interview by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 12 February 1977

THE DIATONIC accordion is basically a fairly rudimentary instrument. Like a mouth organ, it plays one note as you pull it out and another as ...

What's wrong with this instrument? Nothing!

Overview by John Morthland, High Fidelity, August 1987

The rehabilitation of the accordion: American pop's got a squeeze-box. ...


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