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In The 'Clear': Everclear

Interview by Michael Azerrad, Spin, September 1995

ART ALEXAKIS SAYS says all the right things. In a cushy, white conference room in Capitol Records' midtown Manhattan offices, Everclear's frontman utters such statements ...

Everclear: So Much for the Afterglow (Capitol)

Review by Chuck Eddy, Spin, November 1997

A DECADE AGO, I pushed my toddler son's stroller through Ann Arbor, Michigan, where marijuana was almost legal and even adults dressed like college students. ...

Everclear: Attitude Adjustment

Interview by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 9 November 1997

Success has wrought some changes in Art Alexakis. Everclear's newest album shows a broader range — and hints at hopefulness. ...

L.F.O.: Summer Girls/Everclear: The Boys Are Back in Town

Review by Eric Weisbard, The Village Voice, 1 September 1999

EVERYBODY ACTS like prettyboy bubble-rap trio LFO's 'Summer Girls', biggest-selling single in the land last week, is all non sequiturs. But to me, it's clearly ...

Big Shots: Fred Durst, Kid Rock and Art Alexakis

Report and Interview by J.D. Considine, Revolver, Spring 2000

NO ONE EVER mistook Fred Durst for a suit. in fact, he looks more like a bicycle messenger than a corporate personage. "I wear shitty ...


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