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Steve Wynn (1999)

Interview by Francesco Calazzo, Rock's Backpages audio, 1999

The ex-Dream Syndicate frontman looks back fondly at the Paisley Underground; being on tour for many years; his new album My Midnight; his side project Gutterball; on singers and singing, and guitars and guitar playing; songwriting; his move to New York, and being revered by a new generation of artists.

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The Dream Syndicate: The Days of Wine and Roses (Ruby Records, Produced by Chris D)

Review by Mark Leviton, Music Connection, 20 January 1982

THE DREAM Syndicate has never had to struggle for a personal sound, even though their music is often like a wild river, flowing with ripples ...

Dream Syndicate: Country Club, Reseda CA

Live Review by Mark Leviton, Music Connection, 1 April 1982

The Players: Steve Wynn, guitar and vocals; Karl Precoda, guitar; Kendra Smith, bass, vocals; Dennis Duck, drums. ...

Dream Syndicate: Psychedelia Updated

Profile and Interview by Mark Leviton, BAM, 19 November 1982

LOS ANGELES — Steve Wynn is getting a little tired of having Dream Syndicate, the LA band for whom he writes, plays guitar and sings, ...

The Dream Syndicate: The Days Of Wine And Roses

Review by Robot A. Hull, Creem, March 1983

I HOLD IN MY HAND promo material an inch thick containing innumerable denials from this hot band, L.A'.s Dream Syndicate, on how they do not ...

The Dream Syndicate's Heavenly Feedback From Hell

Interview by Bill Holdship, Creem, July 1983

"WE PLAYED THE Mudd Club in New York, and we went on at 2 or 3 in the morning. I was amazed that people were ...

Dream Syndicate: Medicine Show (A&M)

Review by Jon Young, Musician, July 1984

WHAT'S THE best way to judge a band like the Dream Syndicate? On one hand, they're a lean, hard-charging attack force, with plenty of swell ...

Dream Syndicate: Acid Punk Grows Up

Interview by Mark Leviton, BAM, 13 July 1984

IT'S A HUMID 100 degrees and smoggy in Hollywood. Yet there we are, Dream Syndicate vocalist-writer Steve Wynn and I, sitting in Steve's parked car ...

Medicine Men: The Dream Syndicate

Interview by Edwin Pouncey, Sounds, 14 July 1984

INSIDE THE Mission Theatre in sunny Santa Barbara we’ve got trouble. With less than an hour to go before The Dreams Syndicate take the stage, ...

The Dream Syndicate: Dingwalls, London

Live Review by Adam Sweeting, Melody Maker, 22 September 1984


The Dream Syndicate: Medicine Show (A&M)

Review by RJ Smith, Creem, October 1984

WELL, IT was fun while it lasted. In 1982, the Dream Syndicate put out Days Of Wine And Roses, a silly-ass tribute to the feeling ...

The Defiant One: Steve Wynn

Report and Interview by Fred Mills, Seattle Weekly, 28 May 2003

After ushering in a double disc of Miracles with his last album, underground icon Steve Wynn explores his troubled soul on the new Static Transmission. ...

Unsung Heroes: The Dream Syndicate

Retrospective and Interview by Rob Hughes, Uncut, September 2010

Bad medicine! The dark lords of the Paisley Underground revisited. ...

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