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DJ Kool Herc (1998)

Interview by Frank Broughton, Rock's Backpages Audio, 30 September 1998

The pioneering DJ drives around the Bronx, pointing out the hip-hop sites while talking about the rec rooms, block parties, B-boys, breaks and everything that went into the form's invention.

File format: mp3; file size: 59mb, interview length: 1h 04' 28" sound quality: ***


15 Years of Hip Hop: Back in the Days

Retrospective and Interview by Frank Owen, Vibe, December 1994

Most of what you know about the old school is wrong. ...

DJ Kool Herc and Grand Wizard Theodore

Interview by Angus Batey, New Musical Express, May 1997

DJS KOOL HERC and Grand Wizard Theodore, who recently played in London as support to the Chemical Brothers, may not be up there with yer ...

Adventures on the Wheels of Steel: DJ Kool Herc and the Birth of Hip Hop

Book Excerpt by Frank Broughton, Bill Brewster, Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, 1999

Take a BreakFace your partner, holding hands. Tap one foot behind the other and bring your feet together again. Repeat with your other foot. (Your ...

D.J. Kool Herc: The Holy House of Hip-hop

Report and Interview by Michael A. Gonzales, New York Magazine, 28 September 2008

On August 11, 1973, D.J. Kool Herc didn't know he was revolutionizing pop music – he was just trying to keep people dancing. The rec ...


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