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The Allman Brothers Band's Dickey Betts (1991)

Interview by Steve Newton, Rock's Backpages audio, 18 July 1991

The Allmans guitarist talks about the band's current touring activities; the band's longevity; how it's possible to grow old as a rock musician; his relationship with Gregg Allman; the rise of Southern Rock and its influence on new acts like the Black Crowes; the Allmans' refusal to move to New York or L.A.; their new Shades of Two Worlds album; who writes the songs; Gregg's writer's block... and what he listens to these days.

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Rhett Butler After The Fall: Dickey Betts Brushes Himself Off...

Interview by Robert Duncan, Creem, March 1977

 MY PERMANENT mental image of Dickey Betts comes from a photo taken on the last Allman Brothers Band tour, in which he has short hair, ...

Dickey Betts: Movin' On Out Of The Macon Mess

Report by Mick Farren, New Musical Express, 11 June 1977

I GUESS it's fair to say that Dickey Betts was the one member of The Allman Brothers to come out of the convoluted saga of ...

Dickey Betts & Great Southern: BB King's Blues Club, New York

Live Review by Kandia Crazy Horse, PopMatters, 27 June 2002

THE ALLMAN Brothers Band has been the central musical group of my life, their œuvre most vital to my worldview. ...

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