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Detective: Detective

Review by Mick Farren, New Musical Express, 16 July 1977

WHEN MICHAEL Des Barres was sojourning in London, going through the motions of Silverhead and other assorted, third division glitzkid antics, I always got the ...

Detective: Watching The Detective

Profile and Interview by Sylvie Simmons, Sounds, 18 March 1978

LOS ANGELES is a city full of Englishmen and Anglophiles. British bands don't play here any more, they live here. Londoners hanging out at the ...

Michael Des Barres

Profile and Interview by Todd Everett, Trouser Press, January 1981

THOUGH THE degree of his sales success thus far has been, to put it kindly, limited, Michael Des Barres has lived one of rock's more ...

Silverhead: Studs Silver

Retrospective and Interview by Pete Makowski, Classic Rock, March 2006

MOST OF you will never have heard of Silverhead. The pseudo-flowery moniker of frontman Michael Des Barres probably doesn't even tinkle the vaguest of bells. ...

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