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Deee-Lite: Multl Cultural Delight

Profile and Interview by Steven Daly, Spin, June 1990

What will happen to dance music in a decade slated to make the '60s look like the '70s? Deee-Lite is what will happen. ...

Deee-Lite: Slipped Discodelia

Interview by Andrew Smith, Melody Maker, 25 August 1990

A Russian, a go-go dancer and a Japanese DJ is hardly the combination you'd expect to be making the most exciting dance sounds around but, as ANDREW ...

Deee-Lite: World Clique (Elektra)

Review by John Robb, Sounds, 1 September 1990

OUTRAGEOUS, COLOURFUL, Deee-Lite's tacky funky mush is a breathtaking pysche trip at the tail end of a summer that's been disappointing in terms of excess ...

Deee-Lite: Lite Heavyweights

Interview by John Robb, Sounds, 1 September 1990

New York City, 1990, and a head-on culture collision has thrown up one of the hottest, sweatiest groove machines since P Funk. It's a crayzee, ...

Deee-Lite: Accentuating the Positive

Interview by Simon Reynolds, The Observer, 9 September 1990

Simon Reynolds on '90s Zeitgeist with love from NY. ...


Interview by Frank Owen, Spin, January 1991 on the psychedelic tip, on the one-world tip, and on the conscious tip. But most of all, the group's on the making-house-music-intelligible-to-the-masses tip. ...

Deee-Lite: Trio De Janeiro

Interview by James Brown, New Musical Express, 9 February 1991

Pop music isn't all lying around the pool with GUNS N'ROSES, frugging with PRINCE and getting pissed (on) with the MONDAYS. Except, that is, in ...

Deee-Lite: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 16 July 1991

LAST YEAR, Deee-Lite's fusion of hip-hop beats and hippy good vibes supposedly presaged a kinder, gentler era in pop. Nothing much changed, but Deee-Lite still ...

Deee-Lite: Infinity Within (WEA/All formats)

Review by Stuart Maconie, New Musical Express, 20 June 1992


Deee-Lite: Dreams Burn Down

Report and Interview by Paul Lester, Melody Maker, 27 June 1992

DEEE-LITE are daffy, kooky, Day-glo disco dollies who put the fun into funk. Or are they? PAUL LESTER finds out. ...

Deee-Lite: The Message "Within"

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, 30 June 1992

There's a means in Deee-Lite's madness. Their new album, Infinity Within aims to touch hearts and minds whilst keeping their feet firmly on the dancefloor ...


Book Excerpt by Phil Hardy, Dave Laing, The Faber Companion to 20th-Century Popular Music, 2001

Lady Miss Kier, b. Kieren Kirby, Youngstown, Ohio, USA; Super DJ Dimitry, b. Dimitry Brill, Kiev, Ukraine; DJ Towa Tei, b. Doug Wa-Chung, Tokyo, Japan ...


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