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David Lee Roth (1995)

Interview by Steven Daly, Rock's Backpages audio, December 1995

The erstwhile Van Halen frontman talks about his youth, and his memories of uncle Manny Roth, who started the Greenwich Village Café Wha?; on being first turned on to music; his love of boats; his current gig playing Las Vegas, and the uniform blandness of the modern world. He also revisits the end of Van Halen and their legacy, and the part cocaine played in their break-up.

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David Lee Roth - Hyperactive, Irrepressible, Self-Satisfied

Interview by Ben Fong-Torres, San Francisco Chronicle, 10 February 1985

DAVID LEE ROTH bounds up the wide, concrete steps from the forest that is his back yard toward his mansion. This, his visitor says, reminds ...

What It Be, David Lee?

Interview by David Gans, Record, April 1985


David Lee Roth: Foul-Mouthed Reagan Shocks The World

Interview by Dave DiMartino, Creem, June 1986

IT'S FITTING THAT here in this unjust world, where rock stars regularly slander one another openly, where newspapers often present one and only one side ...

David Lee Roth's Revenge

Interview by Roy Trakin, Creem, October 1986

THE SYSTEM OF law in New Guinea involves a concept loosely defined as "payback," which means if one village has wronged another, that village is ...

David Lee Roth Takes Off His Warpaint

Interview by Mark Dery, Winner, November 1986

LOS ANGELES has a mess of atavistic attractions most tourists never get hip to: Chili Cheese Fritos, Dodger Dogs, Fatburger ("The Last Great Hamburger Stand"), ...

David Lee Roth: Climbs Big Rock! Lives, Tells All, Eventually Tours

Interview by J. Kordosh, Creem, March 1988

HOW TO GET A COVER STORY: I was sitting at my desk, wondering who would have an album out in a couple of months. Someone ...

David Lee Roth: Skyscraper (Warner Bros.)

Review by Deborah Frost, Rolling Stone, 24 March 1988

PART BORSCH Belt, part Baryshnikov, David Lee Roth is hard rock's greatest entertainer. Man, myth, mountain climber — he's created a frontman fantasy that makes ...

David Lee Roth: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Paul Mathur, Melody Maker, 10 September 1988

A DAVID Lee Roth concert is perhaps the only place on the face of the earth where boys who look like traffic accidents can get ...

David Lee Roth: A Little Ain't Enough (Warner Bros)

Review by Paul Elliott, Sounds, 12 January 1991


David Lee Roth: A Little Ain't Enough (Warner Brothers/All formats)

Review by David Quantick, New Musical Express, 19 January 1991

DAVID LEE Roth is a flash git. When not playing golf or making videos in which he smiles too much, the man with the stupid ...

David Lee Roth: A Little Ain't Enough

Review by Neil Perry, Select, February 1991

IT'S BEEN a long time coming, this third solo LP from the Peter Pan of rock. Was it worth the wait? ...

David Lee Roth: Wembley Arena, London

Live Review by David Sinclair, The Times, 5 March 1991

AN IRREPRESSIBLE showman, David Lee Roth has got where he is primarily by dint of athletic energy, brass neck and sheer force of personality. His ...

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