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Colin Blunstone: Like a choirboy with soul

Interview by Roy Hollingworth, Melody Maker, 4 March 1972

COLIN BLUNSTONE is possibly the best singer around. There are reasons. There have to be. ...

Colin Blunstone: One Year (Epic)

Review by Mark Leviton, Phonograph Record, April 1972

AFTER the Zombies hit about two years ago with 'Time of the Season' they broke up for good. ...

Colin Blunstone: One Year (Epic)

Review by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, April 1972

COLIN BLUNSTONE sang all those unforgettable Zombies hits, made a couple fairly successful solo singles, and disappeared for about three years before finally re-emerging with ...

Colin Blunstone: For Sale: A Singer

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 1 April 1972

Despite his talent, there was a suspicion of hype in the air, writes Keith Altham ...

Colin Blunstone, Good Habit: Civic Hall, Guildford, England

Live Review by Harold Bronson, Phonograph Record, October 1972

IT WAS MIDNIGHT, and as my nose was dripping, I was freezing on the last train to London. Colin Blunstone, ex-lead vocalist of the Zombies, ...

Plague of the Zombies

Interview by Rosalind Russell, Andrew Tyler, Disc, 14 October 1972

Were the Zombies one of the great neglected bands of the '60s? They had their hits, broke up and then created the sort of interest ...

Colin Blunstone: One Year After

Interview by John Tobler, Let It Rock, February 1973

Nowadays, degrees and A levels are almost as common rock musicians as they are among aspiring rock critics. But it was headline news back in ...

Colin Blunstone: Hard Work But Still No Miracles

Interview by Rosalind Russell, Disc, 10 February 1973

SLIMMING IS a soul-destroying business. While I'm drinking a mug of sugarless tea, Colin Blunstone is sitting opposite me, blithely assuring me that he is ...

The Zombies

Retrospective by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, June 1973

AS ONE of Britain's most undervalued and undeservedly unsuccessful groups, the Zombies have a lot of historical recompense coming. Furthermore, with two offshoots (Argent and ...

Whatever Happened To The Zombies?

Report and Interview by Steven Rosen, Los Angeles Free Press, June 1973

REMEMBER THOSE wispy vocals that adorned those Zombies’ classics like 'She’s Not There', 'Tell Her No', and 'Time Of the Season'? The voice drifted from ...

Colin Blunstone: Back From The Dead

Interview by David Rensin, Creem, August 1973

THE YEAR IS 1969, and somewhere in the heart of America the Archies and Zombies — two groups known to everyone — are triumphantly touring ...

Colin Blunstone: Never Ever Thought (Rocket); Allan Clarke: I Wasn't Born Yesterday (Atlantic

Review by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, October 1978

WHAT'S MISSING on these LPs is the quality of delight. Nobody would consider the early records of The Zombies or The Hollies particularly well-crafted, but ...

Colin Blunstone: Some Years (Legacy/Epic)

Review and Interview by Jim Irvin, MOJO, October 1995

SOME YEARS BURSTS open with an old Zombies song, 'She Loves The Way They Love Her', delivered in a distinctive, creamy tone, suggesting a delicious ...

Zombie Heaven: Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone

Profile and Interview by Erik Himmelsbach, LA CityBeat, 27 August 2003

MOJO MAGAZINE recently anointed the Zombies the fourth unluckiest band in pop history, largely because it scored its biggest hit, ‘Time of the Season’, more ...

When Zombies Attack: The Colin Blunstone Interview, Pt. 1

Interview by Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press, 7 March 2013

IN TODAY'S pop culture, zombies are hot. Their lumbering, slack-jawed forms are moving (albeit slowly) on TV and in movies, video games, and off the ...

When Zombies Attack: The Colin Blunstone Interview, Part 2

Retrospective and Interview by Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press, 8 March 2013

MUCH OF THE Zombies' music, even early on, was original material mostly written by Rod Argent and Chris White. It's something that Colin Blunstone still ...

What happened when these '60s artists decided to go solo?

Retrospective by Mitchell Cohen, Music Aficionado, 2017

GOING SOLO IS an ancient musical tradition. Probably there was a Gregorian monk whose yearning for the spotlight made him think, "I can do this ...


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