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A Perfect Marriage: Christine Of Chicken Shack And John Of Fleetwood Fame

Interview by Penny Valentine, Disc and Music Echo, 18 January 1969

BLONDE, GRITTY Christine Perfect not only bears the distinction of being lead singer of the famed Chicken Shack blues band, but is also married to ...

Chicken Shack: O.K. Ken? (Blue Horizon 7-63209)

Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 25 January 1969

SOLID GOOD humour abounds on Chicken Shack's O.K. Ken? (Blue Horizon 7-63209) of a British variety which makes it so more bearable and strangely authentic, compared to ...

Festivals & Pop Proms

Live Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, 12 July 1969


Chicken Shack Full Of Clucking Sounds

Interview by Richard Green, New Musical Express, 27 September 1969

STAN WEBB was grinning evilly as he strode into a pub, but no maniacal deeds were going through his mind, he was just dead chuffed ...

Christine Perfect part 1: Who's Perfect? Christine's Rise From Shopgirl To Stardom

Profile and Interview by Penny Valentine, Disc and Music Echo, 8 November 1969

WHEN CHRISTINE Perfect was 19 and studying to be a sculptress in Birmingham, she was roped into playing bass for a local group that didn't ...

Chicken Shack

Interview by Rob Partridge, Record Mirror, 23 January 1971

STAN WEBB is Chicken Shack. And at the moment he's quite literally the whole band – the rest of the original members left when the ...


Retrospective by Tom Hibbert, MOJO, May 1994

Born too late for The Beatles, too early for punk. 1969 was not a good year to be starry-eyed and 17. So tell us, Tom ...

Stan Webb: What Can A Poor Boy Do?

Interview by Harry Shapiro, BluePrint, March 2001

Stan Webb has every right to be cynical about the music business and how the sharks in suits come on strong as your best friend ...

Mike Vernon: Beyond the Blue Horizon

Retrospective and Interview by Alan Clayson, unpublished, 2015

If known chiefly as a blues paladin, Mike Vernon plunged headfirst into many other – often unexpected – musical waters. Alan Clayson investigates. ...


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