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Charlie Rich - The Silver Fox

Review by Chris Salewicz, New Musical Express, 12 April 1975

IN WHICH CHARLIE Rich, understandably exhausted after a twenty year struggle to Make It, manages to record one side of an album and then runs ...

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Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Charlie Rich and Ronnie Hawkins: Arkansas Rock Pile

Overview by Charlie Gillett, Record Mirror, 28 June 1969

ROCK AND roll was the victory of regional locality over the world, of precise beliefs over general theory, of particular feelings over universal philosophies. ...

Charlie Rich: Life's Little Ups And Downs

Review by Greil Marcus, Rolling Stone, 27 December 1969

BOB DYLAN HAS SAID more than once that Charlie Rich is one of his favorite musicians – as a songwriter and as a singer. Nik ...

Jerry Lee Lewis: Live At The International, Las Vegas; Charlie Rich: Boss Man

Review by Charlie Gillett, Rolling Stone, 18 February 1970

BOTH PIANO-PLAYING singers who started out singing rock and roll with Sam Phillips in Memphis and who have since moved into country and western, Jerry ...

Charlie Rich: The Many Sides Of Charlie Rich and The Best Years

Review by Metal Mike Saunders, Rolling Stone, 7 March 1970

IN THESE DAYS of ten new bands each week, there is even another 'new' discovery: Charlie Rich albums for 33c each in a mono record ...

Sun Records: The Ooby Dooby

Review by Geoffrey Cannon, The Guardian, 30 October 1970

"'SINFUL MUSIC,' the townsfolk in Memphis said it was. Which never bothered me, I guess." Elvis Presley, interviewed in 1957. In the early 1950s, the ...

Charlie Rich: A Time For Tears (Sun 1231)

Review by Metal Mike Saunders, The Rag, 15 March 1971

CHARLIE RICH from Colt, Arkansas, came out in the mid-50's with a voice and delivery very similar to that of Elvis Presley's early Sun style, ...

Charlie Rich: Rich and Mellow

Discography by Bill Millar, Record Mirror, 12 August 1972

"ULTIMATELY there was Charlie Rich. Rich was a Georgia cotton farmer and he was into his thirties, he had grey hair and a paunch. Still ...

Charlie Rich: A Guide

Guide by Metal Mike Saunders, Phonograph Record, October 1973

If you think you know what frustration is like, try this on for size: imagine you were a singer who had come up with Sun ...

Charlie Rich: Behind Closed Doors (Epic)

Review by Roy Carr, New Musical Express, 9 February 1974

IT HAS taken Charlie Rich all of twenty years of concentrated recording and innumerable kick-backs to become the kind of big star his devotees always ...

Charlie Rich, Tom T. Hall, Bill Monroe: Felt Forum, New York NY

Live Review by Ian Dove, The New York Times, 11 February 1974

Charlie Rich, Tom T. Hall Head Country Music Bill ...

Charlie Rich: Behind Closed Doors (CBS KE32247)

Review by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, 16 March 1974

THIS ALBUM comes over-stamped with the words "Award Winner! Best album of the year! Male vocalist of the year! Best single of the year!" And ...

Charlie Rich: Rich at Heart

Report and Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 11 May 1974

DISNEY WORLD, Orlando, Florida: You wouldn't catch the Rolling Stones gigging here, or anyone else who's even remotely associated with an anti-establishment following for that ...

Charlie Rich: Felt Forum, New York NY

Live Review by Dave Marsh, Newsday, 17 December 1974

Not as Rich any more ...

The Depression, Country Music and Me

Essay by Al Aronowitz, Rolling Stone, 27 February 1975

This sorrowful piece was sent to us, by third-class mail, by Al Aronowitz, pop columnist for the New York Post until the paper dropped him ...

Charlie Rich: The Man And His Career

Profile by Martin Hawkins, Country Music People, May 1975

CHARLIE RICH was twenty-three when he travelled to West Memphis to try his luck as a professional musician. Subsequently he moved his base of operations ...

Charlie Rich: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas

Live Review by Steven Rosen, Sounds, 24 May 1975

CHARLIE RICH has successfully switched over from the relatively limited-audience reception of a country singer to an engaging live performer confident not only in the ...

Charlie Rich: Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High) (Epic PE 33455)

Review by Dave Marsh, Rolling Stone, 31 July 1975

THE PARTNERSHIP of producer Billy Sherrill and singer Charlie Rich, one of the most profitable in recent years, has now run its course. Since the ...

Charlie Rich: Silver Linings

Review by John Morthland, Rolling Stone, 6 May 1976

GOSPEL MUSIC is certainly closer to Charlie Rich's natural milieu than anything he's done since he and Billy Sherrill hit on the ‘Behind Closed Doors’ ...

Building Better Bridges: Charlie Rich in jazz country

Interview by Alan di Perna, Musician, May 1992

"NOW YOU play the bridge for me." ...

Charlie Rich, 1932-1995

Obituary by Charlie Gillett, MOJO, September 1995

CHARLIE RICH, who died in Memphis on July 25, was the ultimate square peg in a round hole: a jazz pianist promoted as a rock ...

Peter Guralnick: New Bio Finally Gives Rock and Roll Architect Sam Phillips His Due

Report and Interview by Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press, 29 December 2015

WELL, AS Guralnick clarifies shortly into his foreword, if Sam Phillips didn't exactly "invent" rock and roll, he at least discovered it. Or so it ...

Take The Music Seriously: An Interview with Peter Guralnick, 20th August, 2009

Book Excerpt by Maud Berthomier, 'Encore Plus De Bruit' (Éditions Tristram), 2019

"Because in the end to me, even today, it's never entirely clear exactly what any interview is about. Sometimes, the most important thing in an ...


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