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Carmel: Storm Before The Calm

Interview by Lynden Barber, Melody Maker, 10 April 1982

AN INTERRUPTION. You can forget your Bananajamas and their shrink-wrapped kharma, stuff your paedophiliac slobbering over little Lolita Grogan – wipe that saliva away, it's ...

Carmel: Storm Warning

Interview by Mark Cooper, Record Mirror, 7 August 1982

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN discipline and fierce spontaneity lies the storm that is Carmel. ...

Carmel: Ronnie Scott's, London

Live Review by Mat Snow, New Musical Express, 20 August 1983

CARMEL IDOLISES Edith Piaf, and Serge Clerc's sleeve for 'Bad Day' depicts her as a transatlantic chanteuse crooning those midnight blue notes for Rive Gauche ...

Carmel: Oh Perfect Day

Interview by Lesley White, The Face, September 1983

CARMEL MCCOURT is a stylish blonde singer of 24 with a voice as dark as she is fair, as strange as she is straightforward. She ...

Carmel: The Drum Is Everything (London)

Review by Ian Penman, New Musical Express, 24 March 1984


Carmel: Smooch Don't Mooch

Interview by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 24 March 1984

Manchester trio Carmel claim the press hyped them into early cult status — as hangers-on in the torch song zone. Meanwhile, they have embarked on ...

Carmel: Air Of Defiance

Interview by Cath Carroll, New Musical Express, 14 December 1985

CARMEL are back in business and strangely grown-up, claims CATH CARROLL. ...


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