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Burial: Burial

Review by Simon Reynolds, The Observer, 18 June 2006

Dubstep has finally thrown up an album that will work in your living room. Simon Reynolds soaks up the ambience. ...

Burial: Burial

Review by Dorian Lynskey, The Guardian, 22 December 2006

YOU DON'T NEED to know a thing about London's dubstep scene to find this cryptic debut the most mesmerising electronic album of the year. ...

Burial: Untrue (Hyperdub)

Review by Jude Rogers, New Statesman, 15 November 2007

To a different beat: With jagged, fragile soundscapes, the mysterious Burial has created a modern classic, writes Jude Rogers ...

Love Among the Ruins: Burial and the Poetics of Hoodie Dubstep

Comment by The Rev. Al Friston,, December 2007

IF I'M WRITING about dubstep, then it's officially over as a trend. I don't even know what dubstep is, and I'm not sure I need ...

Burial: Untrue (Hyperdub)

Review by David Stubbs, The Wire, January 2008

THE RELEASE of Burial's second album Untrue chimes in well with the coming of British winter, as the air turns chill and dirty, the days ...

Various Artists: Five Years of Hyperdub

Review by David Stubbs,, 2009

Dance music with a recurrent sense of subdued anxiety ...

Why Burial's Untrue Is the Most Important Electronic Album of the Century So Far

Retrospective by Simon Reynolds, Pitchfork, 26 October 2017

Delving into the politics, emotion, and musical history behind the disquieting masterwork a decade after its release. ...


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