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Brook Benton: Disappointed Brook

Interview by Peter Jones, Record Mirror, 12 January 1963

Peter Jones looks at the Million-Selling Ex-Truck Driver... ...

Brook Benton, Trini Lopez, Timi Yuro, Dion, Lesley Gore: "The Greatest Record Show Of 1963", Finsbury Park Astoria, London

Live Review by Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 26 October 1963

ALTHOUGH IT'S billed as "The Greatest Record Show Of 1963", the first performance at Finsbury Park Astoria last Sunday didn't exactly bear witness to that. ...

Brook Benton: Either You Got It Or You Don't Got It

Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 14 May 1971

ONE OF the most pleasing successes of 1970 was Brook Benton with what to me was probably the most soulful record of that year, 'Rainy ...

Brook Benton: Brook's Bent on a Come Back

Interview by Robin Katz, Sounds, 23 August 1975

BROOK BENTON'S face has just broken into a big grin. When his eyes roll back down from the ceiling and he stops laughing to himself, ...

Brook Benton: Brook's No Hero Of The Past

Report and Interview by Roger St. Pierre, Record Mirror, 3 April 1976

LIKE RAY CHARLES, Fats Domino and precious few others, Brook Benton's pulling power as one of the father figures of black American music continues despite ...

Bartender Benton sets 'em up for Britain

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 6 April 1976

AFTER SOMETHING like twenty years of continuous success in the States, Brook Benton looks like finally achieving the breakthrough that has eluded him during the ...

Brook Benton: This Is Brook Benton

Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 24 April 1976

THIS MONTH'S MIND-BLOWER: The Benton basement tapes surface after 18 years in the can and turn out to be a bag of fun for all ...

The Stylistics: 'Chitlins In A Basket' Special

Live Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 24 April 1976

Stylistics/Brook Benton/Three Degrees: The Palladium, London ...

Brook Benton: 40 Greatest Hits

Sleeve notes by Colin Escott, Polygram Records, 1990

BROOK BENTON'S music was a study in contrast. The lushness of the backings was juxtaposed against the contained passion in his voice. On ...

Brook Benton

Retrospective by Pete Grendysa, DISCoveries, October 1998

A MUSICAL SAGE once quipped, "If you write music, you're a composer. If you write words, you're a lyricist. If you do both, you're Cole ...


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