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Muddy Waters, Blossom Toes: Revolution Club, London

Live Review by Max Jones, Melody Maker, 14 December 1968

MUDDY WATERS and his Blues Band may not have been at their magic best at London's Revolution before they left — they weren't playing for ...

Blossom Toes: If Only For A Moment (Marmalade)

Review by Mark Williams, International Times, 4 July 1969

BLOSSOM TOES. Now there IS a band. Amazing people, a gas to be with, group looners of the old school but as music makers they've ...

Blossom Toes: Blossom Told

Profile and Interview by Mark Williams, International Times, 18 July 1969

WHILST STARVING in Birmingham, trying to make ends meet, the dreary winter days were claeered up a little by an album called We Are Ever ...

Blossom Toes: If Only For A Moment (Marmalade 608 010)

Review by Mark Williams, Rolling Stone, 26 July 1969

IN THESE days of repressive mass media and a pop press that still bases the bulk of its criticism and coverage on what is happening ...


Retrospective by Tom Hibbert, MOJO, May 1994

Born too late for The Beatles, too early for punk. 1969 was not a good year to be starry-eyed and 17. So tell us, Tom ...

"Get in there and experiment!": Blossom Toes: We Are Ever So Clean

Retrospective and Interview by Rob Chapman, MOJO, February 1998

Thus the instructions to four young men as they were handed the keys to a King's Road '60s communal pad… ...


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