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The Clash: Cut The Crap (Epic); Big Audio Dynamite: This Is Big Audio Dynamite (Columbia)

Review by Jon Young, Musician, January 1986


Big Audio Dynamite: Porchester Hall, London

Live Review by Stuart Bailie, Record Mirror, 22 February 1986

THE BEST thing that ever happened to Big Audio Dynamite was the Clash releasing Cut The Crap last autumn. Compared with the retarded yelpings of ...

Big Audio Dynamite: He Who Laughs Last

Interview by Lenny Kaye, Spin, March 1986

Two years ago Mick Jones was dishonorably discharged from the Clash. Now that he's having a blast with Big Audio Dynamite, it doesn't seem to ...

The Clash: Cut the Crap (Epic FE 40017); Big Audio Dynamite: This Is Big Audio Dynamite (Columbia BFC 40220)

Review by RJ Smith, High Fidelity, March 1986

Great Expectations ...

Big Audio Dynamite

Interview by Chris Salewicz, Q, October 1986

IN JULY last year Big Audio Dynamite were at Sarm West Studios in Notting Hill, recording their first album with Mick Jones producing. Early in ...

Big Audio Dynamite/Schoolly D: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 22 November 1986


Big Audio Dynamite: No 10 Upping St.

Review by Lloyd Bradley, Q, December 1986

IN THE HILLS above Rio, until his recapture, lived Jose Carlos dos Reis Encina, a violent criminal and provider of food and medicine to the ...

Big Audio Dynamite: V For Victory

Interview by Chris Roberts, Melody Maker, 7 February 1987

Another tour, another single, another video and still BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE are special. Chris Roberts had dinner with MICK JONES and discovered sense and sensitivity ...

Big Audio Dynamite: No. 10, Upping St. (Epic)

Review by Iman Lababedi, Creem, April 1987

IF BIG AUDIO Dynamite's second LP is a de facto Clash reunion, with Joe Strummer and Mick Jones co-producing and co-writing a number of songs, ...

Big Audio Dynamite: It's Only Rock 'n' Roll...

Interview by William Shaw, Blitz, July 1988

...but Mick Jones likes it. Jones has an old-fashioned attitude towards music which began long before his days as guitar hero with The Clash. His current band, Big Audio Dynamite, release ...

Big Audio Dynamite II: The Globe

Review by Max Bell, Vox, July 1991

WORD IS THAT BAD II and Sony Music Entertainment are about to part company so I approached The Globe expecting to hear a contract-filling finale ...

Bad II, The Wolfgang Press, Tyrell Corporation: Town & Country Club, London

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 19 September 1992

CHARITY GIGS are decidedly advantageous in that they encourage strange bedfellows to share a stage; there's none of the usual persecution of support acts to ...

The Return of Big Audio Dynamite

Report by Jeff Slate,, 2 February 2009

IT'S HARD TO believe, but it's been 25 years since I found myself in a grimey club called The World in Alphabet City to see ...

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