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Betty Davis: The Bottom Line, New York, NY

Live Review by Vernon Gibbs, Phonograph Record, August 1974

THE FEEBLE-minded walk out in disgust when Betty Davis wiggles her tush at them, the weakhearted go limp with despair while the lusty ready their ...

Betty Davis: Betty and the Boops

Interview by Giovanni Dadomo, Record Mirror, 25 July 1975

"I'M SCHIZOPHRENIC!" says the voice on the end of the transatlantic cable. ...

Betty Davis: Aisles of Miles

Interview by Robin Katz, Sounds, 2 August 1975

The ex-wife or Miles Davis is now making it on her own account. Robin Katz reports ...

Betty Davis: Filthy But Funky

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 5 August 1975

IT'S FUNNY how some women are genteel yet others may be quite the opposite – yet still manage to retain their femininity. ...

Betty Davis: Game is her Middle Name

Interview by Robin Katz, Sounds, 27 September 1975

Betty Davis hits Britain next month and she's BAAAAD, brother. Robin Katz checks out the lady who makes Tina Turner look like the Singing Nun... ...

Betty Davis: Ronnie Scott's, London

Live Review by Brian Case, New Musical Express, 25 October 1975

WITH THE Viking Warrior Case fresh in every mind, punters packed Ronnie's for the Betty Davis exposure. A threat to the moral health of the ...

Betty Davis: Nasty Gal

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 8 November 1975

THIS IS IT funk y'allThis is it right hereThis is it do ya hear me girlsAnd well they can't do it forya no nastier than ...

Betty Davis: Nasty Gal

Review by Joe McEwen, Rolling Stone, 18 December 1975

ON HER FIRST two albums, Betty Davis staked out a peculiar brand of kinky, tongue-in-cheek funk that garnered her a cult following in Philadelphia and ...

Betty Davis: The Put-On Who Puts Out

Report and Interview by Vernon Gibbs, Penthouse, March 1976

A WOMAN stalks the ruins of what was once a stage. She prowls it relentlessly, legs wide apart seeking out hapless victims in the audience. ...

The Witty, Wicked World Of Betty Davis

Interview by James Maycock, Pride, April 2002

Intro: I think I’m the only journalist in about 20 years to have tracked down and interviewed Miles Davis’ now reclusive ex-wife who was an ...

Betty Davis: She's Gotta Have It

Retrospective and Interview by James Maycock, MOJO, February 2005

ONE EVENING during the high summer of 1967, the fragrant Miss Mabry left her Greenwich Village apartment situated in the S&M area of Bedford Street. ...

Rise of the Funky Divas

Overview by Michael A. Gonzales, Ebony, 12 August 2013

BEGINNING IN THE early 1970s, a small army of female funk-rock performers that included Chaka Khan, Betty Davis, Labelle, Mother's Finest, Brides of Funkenstein, Parlet, ...

Betty: They Say I'm Different (Dir. Phil Cox, Native Voice Films & La Compaigne Des Taxi Brousse)

Film/DVD/TV Review by Neil Kulkarni, The Wire, March 2018

IN A MUSIC world in which no one disappears, and even the most negligible figures can be persuaded to break their post-fame incommunicado isolation if ...

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