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Ben Folds: Rockin' The Suburbs** (Epic)

Review by Kit Aiken, Uncut, October 2001

FOR ALL the kick-ass live excitement and increasingly refined recorded achievements of his piano-led power trio, it was inevitable that the most musically literate pop ...

Ben Folds/Nick Hornby: Lonely Avenue

Review by Pete Paphides, The Times, 24 September 2010

WHEN IT WORKS the clever lyrical conceits glow like the criminals you see on helicopter cameras, but it's an uneven affair. ...

"I dreaded that song coming out": Ben Folds on 'Brick', William Shatner and hitting rock bottom

Interview by Andrew Stafford, The Guardian, 29 August 2019

In Australia with his new memoir, the 'songwriting sociopath' discusses creativity and what Shatner taught him about coolness: 'He just does not give a shit' ...

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