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Belinda Carlisle (1986)

Interview by Gerrie Lim, Rock's Backpages audio, 30 July 1986

Ms. Carlisle, new to the Top Ten, looks back at the break-up of the Go-Gos; changes to her lifestyle; her passion for shopping; being a woman in the music business... and raising miniature pigs.

File format: mp3; file size: 30mb, interview length: 32' 46" sound quality: ****

Belinda Carlisle (1987)

Interview by Roy Trakin, Rock's Backpages audio, 27 October 1987

La Carlisle on Solo vs Go-Go, Pop vs Rock, critics vs her, choosing songs and NOT being an actress

File format: mp3 File size: 20.5mb Interview length: 22 minutes 21 seconds Sound quality: ****

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Belinda Carlisle: Be Lovely, Be Lucky, Belinda

Interview by J. Kordosh, Creem, October 1986

A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO, Belinda Carlisle's life was everything it wasn't supposed to be. ...

Miles Copeland: "Make sure you write what a nasty S.O.B. I am"

Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, Musician, March 1988

STING'S BRING On the Night was a big-budget home movie by a talented musician convinced that every breath he takes deserves to be documented. It ...

Belinda Carlisle: From Go Go to Solo

Interview by Lucy O'Brien, The Guardian, 22 November 1989

She's come through the live-fast, look-bad, almost die-young scene to a beautiful future. Belinda Carlisle tells Lucy O'Brien how she did it ...

Belinda Carlisle!

Interview by Caroline Sullivan, Smash Hits, 23 January 1991

• She used to live in the untidiest house in Hollywood!• She plays music to her plants!• She's had about half an hour's holiday to ...

Belinda Carlisle: Christmas Crackers

Interview by David Quantick, Vox, January 1992

It may be Christmas but it's the season of no fun for Belinda Carlisle. VOX found her heavy with child, enslaved by her hormones and ...

Broadcast Snooze — Robbie Williams, Spice Girls, Belinda Carlisle, East 17 et al: Capital FM Summer Jam '96, Clapham Common, London

Live Review by Sylvia Patterson, New Musical Express, August 1996

IF YOU came all the way from Arbroath, which you probably didn't, you'd be calling it Bairns' Glasto. Only without the sex and drugs, but ...

In a Provence hideaway, Belinda goes native

Interview by Sophie Heawood, The Times, 9 February 2007

'80s pop star Belinda Carlisle loves France so much she's gone native, she tells Sophia Heawood. ...

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