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A Guide To Contemporary Country Groups

Report by Mick Houghton, Let It Rock, September 1973

THIS AUTUMN, England is due for an invasion by some of America's top contemporary country groups. The new wave will be well represented by Commander ...

Doug Sahm, Asleep At the Wheel, Bob Wills: I Hear Miles and Miles of Texas

Overview by Joe Sasfy, Unicorn Times, October 1976

THE CHILDE Harold could have billed it as a mini-folk festival. Mini 'cause only two acts appeared, Doug Sahm and his Texas Tornadoes on a ...

Asleep at the Wheel

Profile and Interview by Andy Childs, ZigZag, December 1976

IF, IN A FLIGHT of fancy, you've ever ventured over to this particular neck of the woods you won't be at all surprised to learn ...

The Texas Playboys, Asleep at the Wheel: Panther Hall, Fort Worth, Texas

Live Review by John Morthland, Rolling Stone, 7 April 1977

"THIS ONE goes back to 1936," Leon McAuliffe grinned. "Bob told me, 'Leon, just hit a chord and then I'll say something,' and so I ...

Asleep at the Wheel

Report and Interview by Mick Farren, New Musical Express, 9 April 1977


Asleep At The Wheel: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Chas de Whalley, Sounds, 23 April 1977

I DON'T think I've ever seen so many ten gallon hats on one stage. Not outside Texas, anyhow. And so many straight-legged jeans and cowboy ...

Asleep at the Wheel: The Wheel

Review by Andy Childs, ZigZag, May 1977

THIS ISN'T going to be a very long review, because I want to play the record again before the pubs open. ...

Asleep At The Wheel: The Wheel

Review by Chas de Whalley, Sounds, 7 May 1977

THIS IS Asleep At the Wheel's fifth album in seven odd years. It's the one, so they hope, to transform them from a cult country ...

Asleep At the Wheel: The Wheel (Capitol)

Review by Max Bell, New Musical Express, 14 May 1977

I'D BEEN beginning to think there wasn't that much happening on the live front until I saw Asleep At The Wheel at Hammersmith last week. ...

Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter, Asleep At The Wheel: Civic Center, Lansing MI

Live Review by Bill Holdship, Michigan State News, 12 July 1978

Ol' Waylon keeps 'outlaw' tradition ...

Asleep at the Wheel: Collision Course (Capital)

Review by Max Bell, New Musical Express, 12 August 1978

STRANGE TO relate but not everything that emerges in the new release racks this week will bear the mark of androids in overalls. And disco ...

Asleep at the Wheel: The Wheel Gallops Through Western Swing

Interview by Michael Goldberg, San Francisco Chronicle, 13 January 1980

THERE IS a thin line that divides musicians who attempt to give new life to a dying musical form and those who traffic in nostalgia. ...

Peter Guralnick: Sam Phillips – The Man Who Invented Rock 'n' Roll/ Ray Benson & David Menconi: Comin' Right At Ya

Book Review by Peter Stone Brown, CounterPunch, 26 February 2016

SAM PHILLIPS, the man behind Sun Records was easily one of the most important figures in the history of American popular music. ...


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